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I have a pair of Fischer Vuse 9 boots, 106 last, 25.5 width. I got them online under 200 bucks, previous season model. I haven't had them vacummed yet, as the only place in California that seems to have a Fischer place is Mammoth and I live in San Diego. 


Just how far can other brands like Rossignol with a 104 last be extended out before breaking? Obviously brands like Lange would never work, as I don't think I could even get my feet in a pair of their boots to extend out. 


Hopefully my Fischer's will last me a while, they seem pretty solid for me, though I have never been to a professional boot fitter. Even though I have these boots and they seem to work well for me, should I consider going to a professional fitter and see what they tell me? 


Can you recommend anyone in San Diego/Southern California?

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can't recomend anyone close to you as i don't know anyone that direction


all boots can be expanded, 6-8mm of width iseasy and  not a problem to any fitter lots more is perfectly possible with the correct tools and skills


not sure why

Obviously brands like Lange would never work, as I don't think I could even get my feet in a pair of their boots to extend out."

 you need to stop relying on old rumors that brands like lange only make narrow boots, they make a 102mm lasted boot just like Rossi (sister company) and Head, and Atomic, Salomon, Dalbello and most other brands


the key is to get you heel and ankle solid in the boot, the forefoot can be stretched further than you think, this is where the boot fitter comes in

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So if I'm understanding you correctly, any shell can be customized to fit a foot. I could potentially get a boot with 98-100 last, such as a traditional Lange, and if the boot fitter had the right skill, could get the heal, forefoot, and toe box to properly fit my foot that is around a 105 last? And give me the perfect ski boot fit once I found what is best for me?

Fischer is no longer the only company that can customize the actual shell of the boot?

Am I understanding you correctly? I've gotten a lot of jumbled information from sales people at REI and Sports Chalet that I have no idea who is right and who is wrong or if any of them had enough knowledge to say yes, almost any boot on this wall can be molded to your foot or no only these boots will. Or they can if XY AND Z work.

None of the instructors I took from knew anything. They just skied and took what sales people told them. Why I have no idea.

So forgive my confusion, I've literally talked to 10 different people and each and everyone has given me different answers. One even told me only liners are moldible not shells, and another said they could mold the shell but only partially so even then, there wasn't much he could do for me except sell me a boot, mold it, and hope it doesn't burst in the machine. So I've heard nearly everything and can't make heads or tails of anything.

This includes stiffness. This is the first place I've come where I've been told, even though I'm a beginner, a 90 flex may be too soft for me because of my weight and stocky build/low center of gravity, and muscular legs.

I wish I had gone to Footloose in Mammoth when I had the chance.
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ALL shells can be modified, there are many different ways to do this and it depends on the plastic that thew shell is produced by, as boot fitters we like to use tools to enhance the mouldable properties in some of the shell plastics, heating a shell for 10 mins in an oven can "re-contour" it but it will not make massive changes for points of protrusion such as bunions


you need to get into a good boot fitter and work with them to get the right boot, i am afraid i don't know anyone in your area but there will be someone within a reasonable distance i am sure, maybe wait until you are at the ski area, but research a little before you go  


with a bit of luck someone more local can make a recommendation for you as to who to see

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