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GS league/NASTAR

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I have 10 yr old fischer WC 17M radius 180cm,   wondering what the latest skis offer?   i took a few years off and getting back into racing,  11 handicap last race,  6'0  250lbs.  race in MN.


I'm not married to Fischer brand so would consider others,  but might have a good deal on some new fischer GS.    what is new and improved on the latest skis?  what model and length should i consider?


thanks for your input! 

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I have the same ski. Took it out of retirement last year. It's awesome. I'm similar size.

Been thinking about RC4 WC RC in 185 for even more stability going fast. The Head I.speed, Blizzard WCS and Rossi Hero are the popular comps.

Try them out, report back!
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Probably depends on the course, but at an 11 handicap you may want to consider NOS (new old stock) womens' FIS WC GS skis from the R>23M days.  At best I'm getting handicaps a little higher (slower) than you, but I'll switch between Rossi 9GS 19M cheaters and Head iGS 23M skis.  I'm much faster on the iGS's but still have a little trouble arcing them when the course is extra turny.  On a tight, turny set I will just admit I'm not man enough to turn girl skis, LOL.  I'm working on it...


Another option is the Rossi Hero Masters skis:


180 - 21.0 - 114/71/97 - Masters

185 - 23.1 - 113/71/96 - Masters


We have our share of very fast racers in our league- most of the sub-10 handicappers are on slightly older, 'shorter' radius FIS GS skis from before the recent rules changes.  ~30 second course for mortals like me, high 20's for the best of us.  If your course is shorter with some tighter turns, perhaps the Fischer RC's or Masters from various makes will be best.

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