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2016-17 Nordica Spitfire 168cm. Prescience !

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This may sound like I am making this up; like I only imagined I was actually in the future. I assure you; like Clarice Starling in 'Contact'; I was outfitted and locked into the pod of the Japanese/Nordica machine, dropped into the spinning rings, and just disappeared... Arroway insists that she was gone for approximately 18 hours. I on the other hand could actually see r =15 meters farther into my future. Blow my mind, again.

At first this ski felt damp and slow and not very variable in its arc because they had a verrry flat base bevel; I would go to .5 or bit more for a looser feel. This magically changed when I got tuned in and turned-on and passed through the hyper-space worm-hole and entered the world of the future. There I found this mag-lev space-ship ...probably the BMW space-ship of the future-singularity. I added on more than a few Kph and the grip and beyond-damping PsychicBionics just took over as I imagined 'my line' projected into the near-future.

As 5,000-vert test-runs go it was a bit strange on Upper PeaktoCreek with some flat-fog-and-rhime over a few cms of new, warmish, snow that was scraped off into some harder surface and a few afternoon lumps. And then we hit the valley fog which stuck and obscured anything- but didn't matter too much; these things are so smooth.

Factoids: Dealer day demos on the Dave Murray timing-flats. Nice rep named Vince. 168cm and a 15meter radius. Not sure of dimensions but 70-or so under foot. The Nordica EDT device is now a thing of the Past and now the body of the ski is Titanal with a Forebody and Tail of Carbon. What a package and even better damping. I was flying by wire. Amazing.

Me: 180lbs on a good day; 5'10. 'Expert' 150days/year. This year's new ski is a Fischer RC4 RC 175cm... It is so good it deserves its own review: "Just a bit better; so I can be smug". 

But this could now be a machine of the past after the Spitfire. In fact most of these skis   http://www.epicski.com/t/128733/more-mag-lev-lasers-fischer-superior-pro-and-rc4-firearrow-84-edt-and-some-civilian-saloms  are now 'in the past'.

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I thought the Spitfire Pros and EDT's (for those over 180lbs) of years gone by have been killer hyper carvers.  No doubt the new stuff is probably even better.

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