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Best time to buy

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Would I be best to wait until the season is over to get a deal on ski boots, goggles, helmet etc

I am just going to be learning on indoor slopes and wondered if better deals would be had outside of the normal ski season?

I am in the UK if that makes any difference too

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We just got the flyer in the mail from our local ski shop advertising their progressive sale.  Here in the US we have end of season sales on equipment that didn't sell and its a normally a good time to buy new gear.  We also have pre-season ski-swaps and tent sales which is better for used gear.  I'd say look around at your local ski shops and see if they have have a progressive sale (ours starts Friday at 25% off then goes to 35% in two weeks and ends at 50% in the middle of March). 

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You need to get out there and look around and try things on. Different helmets fit different heads. All clothing is not cut the same, one company's large may be X-Large in another company. All goggles don't fit the same.


Boots are a whole different story. You need to find a Great Boot Fitter and spend time getting the right boot for you. Have you not heard, "Boots are the most important part".


Most shops start having sales in the next couple weeks. Start with finding a great boot fitter. See what his shop has for other items you need. Build a relationship with the boot fitter and his shop. The pay back in the long run is priceless.

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Like most any consumer good there will be better deals outside of peak season, but also a more limited selection. If you are at the fringes of sizing (very small or large) you'll usually have more success as well. One thing not to skimp on is definitely boots though; at the end of the day a helmet, pants, goggles, etc. that don't fit great will be an inconvenience. Even skis that are a bit too short or long, skinny or wide will affect you less than how your boots fit. Check out this article that explains why. 

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He lives in the UK, which has very little in the way of retail ski outlets. And what there are are pricey.

By indoor slopes I think he means that plastic astro turfy stuff.
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Originally Posted by joe strummer View Post

By indoor slopes I think he means that plastic astro turfy stuff.


Nah, he means fridges with regular-ish manmade snow.

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Check out our own Epicski for sale section.  Great deals year 'round.

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