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Restaurants - Okemo/Ludlow VT

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Love to hear restaurant recommendations around the Okemo/Ludlow, VT area. Thanks.

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Tom's Loft has some good stuff, basically in the parking lot of Okemo, for right after you finish skiing.


Downtown Grocery in Ludlow...a bit pricey but rather tasty! 

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The Rustic Rooster in Cuttersville is new but well known with us insiders. It was recommended by my then one of our early morning Ultra Pass holders first lift rides. The owners are well know amongst the regulars. It's a small place so get there early, great value and great food. Hopefully next year they well expand.


The Chop House is where I had my first $19.00 cheeseburger. It will be the last time we eat there. For those prices I want a better décor, not the same old nicked up wood work that had been there since it was Archies before it was the Cool Mouse Café for the past 5 years or more.


Mr Darcy's has great food and is reasonably priced, had the best burger there, ever, the first year they opened, we also eat there a few times a season.


DJ's and Potbelly's are also regulars. Potbelly's can be surprisingly fast and is a good value.


Sam's I find a little pricy and have not had a good time there since it was Michaels. Had to eat there with my coat last Jan. and the noise level is to high for my taste.


Harry's is always a place to go, good food.


Java Bobba's is good for a sandwich and they have a pretty good pizza.


Coleman Brook tavern has a good food and is not to bad for a nice lunch. Not to bad pricing during lunch.


New Years Day we went to the Southside Steak House in Rutland. $90 without drinks for the two of us, but the whole meal and restaurant was superb, have no complaints about the cost, well worth it.



Lunch at Epic is nice too did that a few weeks back, get there early. Also lunch at the Sitting Bull. The prices are not much more then standing in line at the Base Lodge or Sugar House. On Sunday's the Summit Lodge has a nice lunch offering too. Smokey Joe's has good Tuna, a buddy gets that a lot.



The Hatchery has a great Breakfast if the weathers crappy and it not worth skiing that morning.


Taco Taco, has good Mexican, its been around for ever.


Village Pizza is cash only but does a lot of take out orders. The meals there are good, but Ludlow needs a great Italian place.


If you want more info on places in Rutland let me know.


Oh, This Saturday we're going to the Posta Pot up by Killington.

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Thank you!

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Btw, what do you think about Downtown Grocery, Sam's Steakhouse or Echo Lake?

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Downtown I think is over priced. Same with Stemwinders. Like The Chop House, my feeling is, this is Ludlow VT not NYC.


Have never eaten at the Echo Lake Inn, been by it a 1000 times. Sam's I talked about above. Used to be great when it was Michaels. Had a warmer feel to as well as being warmer. I seem to recall the average meal there was like in the high $20 to mid $40 range. The meal we had there last year, I wasn't the only one putting my coat on to eat. I also found the lack of curtains made it very noisy. May be the heat had issues that one night, but if so they should have said something to us.


I seem to recall other friends talking about it being cold on other nights.


I will say one of the guys from work here has said he enjoyed the meals they have had at the Echo Lake Inn.

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We like the Loft for beers and nachos after skiing.  Downtown Grocery is spendy but has the craziest menu in Vermont, Pot Bellies is a good middle of the road value. We avoid Outback Pizza unless friends need to meet us there.



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I seem to recall the Loft has a good burger also and the plate is full. End up there once or twice a season. Some of the house mates go there often.

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Originally Posted by Max Capacity View Post

Downtown I think is over priced. Same with Stemwinders. Like The Chop House, my feeling is, this is Ludlow VT not NYC.



Then you'll probably want to stay out of the lobby bar in the Jackson Gore Inn.



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Seems like you know your way around Ludlow - and your food!


So far we've tried Sam's and I think we were lucky to be seated over by the bar. They had a guy playing acoustic guitar and it was a nice environment (its myself, my wife and 7 year-old son). Loved the salad bar (vegetables seem to be in short supply around Ludlow) but the food itself was not great. My steak was way overdone done (very dry). A bit on the pricey side, but it does include the salad bar. Likely be back.


We've also been to Darcy's we sat upstairs and froze are butts off. Food was better than at Sam's, but again nothing great. Not sure about downstairs, but the upstairs had very little atmosphere. Not sure we will return.


Another night we went to Echo Lake. Quaint place and very VT-feeling, but it was full of families (kids). With a kid of our own, we did not mind it, but I can see that being an issue for some. The food was better than at Sam's or Darcy's but very small portions. The cheese board was a joke. Priciest of the three. Likely won't return.


We tried the Hatchery for breakfast one morning and it was nice enough. Very quaint and conveniently located on the way to the Okemo.


We are not big breakfast eaters so decided to hit Java Babba's instead and been going there for breakfast and apres-ski coffee/hot chocolate since. Only tried their bagels but the food seems fine - just very casual.


As for lunch, we've only eaten on the mountain. The summit lodge had Chinese food which I am a big fan of, even cheap Chinese. My wife is vegetarian so she was not thrilled with the options - had a loaded baked potato. Another day we ate at the Sugar House and that seems to be the best option for us, though $40 for a noddle bowl and made to order salad with two club sodas seems a bit high. We went to Sienna for lunch one day it was worse than terrible. Just awful, and not worth the $70. Won't be going back. Another day we went to the Sitting Bull and were underwhelmed. Nachos were decent but the rest of the food was almost as bad as at Sienna - and the waitstaff was painfully slow. 


We are going to try Downtown when we are up there next weekend as well as Harry's. Still not sure what we will do the other two nights. Thinking the Rustic Rooster on your recommendation and maybe Pot Belly. Will also look to try Epic for lunch.

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Originally Posted by Bode Klammer View Post

Then you'll probably want to stay out of the lobby bar in the Jackson Gore Inn.



Yes, I tend to not be one to spend money in those type places. I did have a beer at the Rustic Rooster last Saturday. That was the first alcohol I've had since New Years. 


naja, knowing my way town comes with this being my 20th year with a season pass.


Here's a story,  a few years back I'm in the hardware in town, the Manager calls me over by name. He asks me, "can you help this guy, he wants to know where he can buy chicken food", it may be sad to say, but I knew where he could go to get it. ;)

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