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Mix N Match?

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Hi Guys. I have a pair of Head Raptor 130's with tired stock liners. Can I use a Nordica Dobermann  lace up, cork/oil race liner in them even though they are intended to be used in a Plug boot? They look like really nice high quality liners! The Head Raptors have a 96mm last and, not sure, but I think the Nordica plugs are 94mm. Even if they feel good initially, once that cork moves around, might I end up with a sloppy fit and be back where I started? Your advice will be much appreciated.

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it all depends on your feet as to how much space there is in that liner with the head shell, nothing wrong with trying it and seeing how you get on... that said, if your feet fitted well into the narrower nordica, the shell will not hold you as well in the heads, so it all depends on how well the shell holds you... the liner is just a part of the solution

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Thanks for your comments. I've never owned the Nordica shell. I was considering  buying the Nordica liner (new) to replace the tired liners in my Heads. I was just wondering if it was feasible given they(the Nordica's) are for a plug boot. My Heads are a good shell fit. Needed a sixth toe punch to make them work width wise, and I'm in a 27.5 (91/2) wearing a 11 1/2 street shoe. I have a snug 1 finger space when shell fit .(The fit and performance have been so good that I am considering buying another pair before they change them.) I'd like to get another season or so out of the current shells, thus the fresh liner idea. It suppose it may just boil down to "pay the money and take your chances". I would consider  Zipfits but I have been hearing that they are a good liner but not such a good company to deal with, but I do like the reviews on them. I'm pretty sure I can get the Nordica's for a lot less money too. Anyway, thanks again for your help!

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