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I planned to arrive early for a day of skiing, but two things worked against me.  I started about ½ hour later than I intended (6:30 am) from home and there was heavy traffic in northern NJ. (about 60-90 minutes of traffic delays) Once I reached the NY Thruway it was smooth traveling to Belleayre. I parked in the Overlook parking lot.  I did not get on the slopes until about 11:00am.


Weather:  Lower-30s with sun.  It was partly sunny all day.  No rain or snow at all.


Crowds:  Relatively light for most of the day.  I rarely felt crowded.  I thought it would be more crowded since there were $12 lift tickets available for the 28th.  There were many times that I found myself alone on the slopes.  There were also some times that I needed to take care skiing through groups of people


Lift lines: The lines were short and never longer than 2 minutes. I only spent time at two operating lifts (SuperChief [SC], Tomahawk [T]).  SC is a high speed detachable quad with ~5m20s ride to the top. The Tomahawk is a fixed grip quad.  It was slower than the SC, but I did time it this year.  ~6m to the mid-station drop-off and ~9m to the top.  I avoided the beginner slopes because the lifts are very slow (~9m30s).


Open Trails: About half of the mountain was open (27 of 50 trails).  Trails were closed due to lack of snow on trail.  The terrain parks were closed. 


Snow conditions:  Good.  It was primarily machine made snow, but it was in good conditions. There were a few spots that appeared thin to me, due to seeing what appeared to be black powder on the trail.  I do not know what it was so I avoided those few spots as much as possible.  There were some icy spots, but very few.  I was able to manage my way through/around the icy spots without much difficulty.  There were no moguls built up on any trails when I skied.


I spent most of my time on the blue trails.


On the east side I would start by skiing down Roaring Brook, or Onondaga. Roaring Brook would just be a quick run back to the lift. Onondaga would lead to other open trails on the eastern side of the mountain or a traverse along Howe's Highway to Tomahawk Crossing to the T-lift on the western side of the mountain. Belleayre Run ran under the SC lift and was nice and wide without the moguls.


On the west side I skied down ♦Dot Nebel, Dot Nebel, ♦AlgonquinAlgonquin, Route 9 (Deer Run and Cayuga were closed) 


Route 9 is very similar to Ridge Run with a (very slight) slightly steeper slope than Ridge Run.


Dot Nebel and ♦Algonquin were work for me to get down. I skied twice down ♦Dot Nebel and once down ♦Algonquin.  The steep part of both trails was in one section near the top.  The trails were not too icy and I was able to get down through use of quick turns until I felt comfortable enough to open up a bit and ski to the blue part of the trail.  I thought ♦Algonquin was crunchier of the two ♦ trails.


Algonquin had very little traffic compared to other parts of the mountain. When the trail reached the blue portion, I was rewarded with some nice soft snow to ski through.  Only a few inches but if felt nice to ski through. :)


I really enjoyed Dot Nebel and skied several times down the blue portion of the trail.


After a few hours on the western side of Belleayre, I spent the last few hours on the eastern side skiing down the blue trails.



Will add photos when I get some time.