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Help choosing a boot flex

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Hi guys,


I'm a recreational skier (The Alps, mostly; less than 15 days a season), less than 5 years of experience (took some lessons as a kid, huge absence ensued. Between level 4 and 5 as per New Generation's ski level guide - I'm able to ski blacks, moguls, still troubled by ice, sometimes venture between trees/slightly deeper snow, technique not that great though (skis not always parallel, slight plow when initiating turns etc).


26 yrs old, decent shape (I play tennis regularly), 270 mondopoint, about 150lbs at 5'9, don't intend to ski too aggressively (rarely over 45mph, at which feel don't hold up for too long). I'd say less than 101mm last.


Tried a lot of boots during the past weeks, and I've found that the Atomic Hawx are the ones that fit me best, but I'm still undecided regarding the flex: I'd lean towards 90 or even 100, feeling that 110 would be a bit too much, although I could flex them rather easily in the shop (although I understand the situation changes on the cold slopes and inside the bindings, and the Hawx's flex is progressive? aka slightly softer on the superior side of the boot/up till the toes?). I'll definitely be trying on some Full Tilt Classic as well, curious about the different technology (3 piece & all).


The rest of the equipment should soon follow (leaning towards Armada's 171cm El Rey), as well as some more learning lessons (either in a group or private). Again, the final objective would rather be towards having fun in different skiing conditions & scenarios, rather than full speed/performance/racing.


What would your advice be? I know a higher flex might take me further, but at the same time I'm a bit afraid of finding out that a stiffer flex would prevent me enhancing my carving technique, for example, especially seeing that there's a lot of guys heavier than me (170-220lbs) quite content with the Hawx 110...


Also please take into account the fact that bootfitters are a bit harder to find around here :)

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Read this, http://www.epicski.com/a/ski-boots-the-most-important-piece-of-gear-you-will-own then go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and the wikis about fitting and terminology. Then check the Who's Who to see if there is a fitter listed near where you live. If there isn't, tell us where ypu live and most likely some can recommend a fitter. You can also go to the "World's Best Bootfitters" page on Facebook and ask if there is a fitter near on there, quite a number of European fitters are active on there.

Asking for help with boots on the interwebz can be dangerous. For one thing, most people have no actual experience actually fitting skiboots and some people will recommend specific boots without knowing what your foot looks like. If I can't look at your foot, there is no way I can recommend a specific boot.

In terms of flex, you should be able to flex the boot in the shop where its warm. If you can barely flex it in the shop you won't flex it outside in winter. But, you don't want too much flex because then you lose control. A knowledgeable boot fitter can assess this, people on the net cannot.
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If you buy a stiffer boot and it hurts your skiing, any good shop can soften it.  They can't stiffen a boot made soft.

Here's one example of making a boot more flexible for a skier:



The important thing is the fit.  The boot needs to be an exoskeleton on your foot & ankle.  If the right fit is too stiff, soften it.

Here is some great information:



I like stiff boots.  130 works for me.  I don't race, I'm not a hard charger.  I want support from the boot when I'm off balance and want to lever against it to get re-centered.  I also want quick inputs transferred to the ski with little wasted motion and wasted time.

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