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About vaccum matresses in toboggans

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Are there any other resorts out there that are using vacuum mattresses 
what type of toboggan are you using and how is it working out?. we are using the -Cascade Toboggan Model 100 "The Legend- and its quite narrow for this.
Just wondering if there are any Wider and more suitable toboggans out there that you guys know of?

thank you

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Been using Vacuum Mattress's for some time now. Mostly in Cascade 100s. Also in an Edge sled as well. Generally the narrow profile isn't a huge problem unless the patient is very large.


Our Medical Dir. is NOT a fan of Backboards and the damage/uncomfortable factors they bring and is very Pro-mattress.


Been using MDI- brand for about 10 years.



They work well but tend to develop pinhole leaks and after a time they won't hold air for a reliable transport so we have to evacuate them once at the start and a 2nd time (if needed) before we enter FAR. And the pump system is less than great. The distributor has been a jacka$$ about standing behind their product.


Another hill uses these and has had pretty good luck.




Unless you get sleds designed for CPR, most are a tight fit.

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We primarily is Cascade 100's, although we do have a couple of Cascade 300's (4 handle sleds)


I have not heard of Vacuum matresses before. Where there is reason for concern, we use backboards. 

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Backboards have their place for spinal immobilization.


Every area has their own protocols for when to Immobilize.


A Vacuum Mattress is basically a flat air tight vessel containing thousand of small plastic/foam beads. When you wrap/apply it around a patient and remove all the air the beads sinter around each other and form a rigid body splint as long as the vacuum is held.


They are much more comfortable, you can put the patient in a position of comfort (on their side etc) and if you can keep the snow out they are very warm. Down side is; If you puncture them they lose integrity, they are a bit of a challenge on a steep surface because they are slippery and so is snow, they are not cheap.


All that said, they are a tool just like a BB. Use proper spinal precautions if a spinal injury is suspected and if all you have is a BB, use that.

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