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Mounting on a flat ski, I understand that the heal and/or toe plates that come with bindings are necessary to make sure the screws don't exceed the recommended depth, but just want to confirm that the correct way to mount on a race plate is to still use the heal / toe plate on top of the race plate.

Specific ski is a Fischer 140 cm (group 1 / 2) ski with pre-mounted 11mm Fischer race plates and RC4 z9 binding that includes a 3.5 - 4mm toe plate and no heal plate.

I'm also kinda wondering that there's a toe plate without heal plate on a race binding... which is contrary to the kind of forward attack angle setup I'd have expected to see from back in my days of racing. Are they assuming you'll add your own heal plate for forward bias if you want it, or that it's going to be built into the boot / footbed now.?

I'm not planning to mount them myself, I just want to make sure the shop does it right (shops in Ohio are notoriously sloppy, particularly when you didn't buy the gear from them).

Thanks in advance!