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Tester info
Age:23 weight:214lbs height 6foot5
Skier type: charger

13 runs in fresh soft 50cms of powder,crud,heavy wet chopped up powder

I've never done any review before so this may not be the best but when I'm looking at buying a ski I search out others opinion so here's mine.

This ski is a beast, it really truly is a tank on the slopes it's not for the light hearted! I'm not sure on the weight but what I can tell you is its not all which is great in certain scenarios. I've also read people saying the tips on these are soft. In my experience totally not the case these bad boys are one stiff ski.

So I brought these out the Washington when it was puking snow 47 cm over night and snowing all through the day. These skis didn't struggle at all to stay afloat the handled themselves just fine in heavy or soft snow the didn't dive once so I was very impressed. These are a charging ski you can toss em around nicely but you need to have the speed and even then that's just not what they're for. I had the most fun when I set my lack of confidence aside and bombed down the mountain, that's where these shine with the speed and aggressiveness they were a smooth stable ride, start dropping speed and it becomes a bit more work and things don't go as well. As the day continued things started to get wet the snow got heavy and tracked up but that was no problem for these skis they'll just plow through anything with ease in fact this skis felt right at home in this stuff. Near the end of the day I decided to try out some trees. They wernt bad but I found when it got too narrow things got a little interesting.

All in all these skis are tanks they'll float well charge hard and bust through anything in their path