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Over Glasses Goggles

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Hello, I have been looking around for OTG goggles at local stores and have found that nothing works well with my glasses because the corners of my frames come in contact with the lens of the goggles. Do you guys know of any goggles that are very deep to accommodate none low profile glasses? Maybe it's just the specific models I tried, but I am rather new to skiing so I have no idea what else is out there other then the ones I tried on, and as far as I can see there is no information on goggle depth online.

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I was thinking maybe one of those helmets with a visor might be a good solution. Did a quick search and found this:

Some other good suggestions in that thread too.

I wear contacts, but can get away without them for most of the sports I do (including skiing.) But I think I might try them on the hill tomorrow, just to see if I ski any better. If I do, I'll owe you one for giving me the idea to try it!
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So youve already tried ones marked otg? I dont think there is thst much difference if your glasses+face combo is that big.

Another option is you may get a 2nd set of your prescription glases with smaller frames.
Otherwise custom prescription goggles/inserts are your option
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Originally Posted by Alpha407 View Post

I was thinking maybe one of those helmets with a visor might be a good solution. Did a quick search and found this:

Head also makes a helmet similar to that one, but having seen both, I would take the Head.

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Was talking to a gentleman on the lift yesterday about his Smith OTG Tubo Fan goggles. He says it solved all of his problems with the glasses fogging and freezing.


Just one data point - I don't wear glasses but I like my Smith IO/X goggles.

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Ive found these as the best otg of any goggles I've ever owned's/Goggles/Snow/Knowledge-OTG/p/KN4ZBK16?gclid=CI-B0IG038oCFcZbfgodD68FUg

As someone who lives in Tahoe, skis 75-100 days a year, and has worn glasses since I was 13. I've lived with this problem for the past 20 years. I feel your pain!! It's hard to find good looking, functional, otg googles..
I'm on my 3rd pair of the goggles listed above, they are awesome!!

Some pointers:
Small rectangular glasses work best for otg. I have a pair of glasses for skiing only! Keep them clipped to your goggle strap against your helmet when not on the mountain. If your like me the glasses you wear everyday are expensive 300-500$$. Go to lens crafters at your local mall next time you see one of the 39.99$ a pair commercials on tv. Wire rim is better because you can bend them back into shape if you wreck face first. Don't buy plastic because if you really eat shit they will break! Last reason to have a cheap pair of glasses is if you ever full on rag doll and loose all of your shit.. You will likely never find your glasses(from experience)!! Especially alone and half blind.. Don't ruin you day or your trip because you lost your only pair of glasses!!
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My 2 cents.  I've had to use glasses for skiing since teens.   At different ages, different solutions seemed to work.  


Over the last half dozen years, I've tried many options and brands.


I currently use RX prescription low profile goggles that came from a sport specialist eye place in Frisco, on the main drag near Safeway.   I find these only work on non-storm days, but they work well, no fogging, for fast skiing on those days.  Great vision.


On storm or very high humidity days, I use OTG Smith Knowledge Turbo fan goggles, with the Smith-provided cheap plastic insert frame designed for the goggles.   Works great, finally!




The turbo fan is not foolproof, but it does make up for mistakes or falls that get your goggles wet.  With the fan, you get a fresh start, these things are de-fogged effectively.



The trick mentioned in that other goggle thread, of putting on the goggles before going out, then keeping them on for a while once back inside to keep them dry, I find to be a helpful and an almost necessary trick, even with the turbo.  


I've tried many other options, including the non-turbo Knowledge Smiths, etc., etc.  I also tried my own prescription small frames inside the Turbos.  Though cheap-looking, the Smith custom version works better, for me.    

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Smith turbo fan OTG works for me.  Note: it comes in different sizes (too small and horse face). 

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P.S. I believe you have to get the cheap-looking Smith insert separately, with RX prescription done locally or by Smith:

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What I did was get a pair of Smith OTG goggles and a pair of single vision glasses with a somewhat tapered thin and durable nylon frame like partial wrap around sunglasses.  But I got clear plastic lenses.  This allows the goggles to fit more comfortably and I just put  a coat of good no-fog (Fogtech DX instant no fog cloth - individually wrapped) on the lenses.  Since I only where them for skiing I only treat them every 5-10 ski days unless it is a very wet day.  I could not wear contact lenses while skiing and I never liked the inserts.  I have been happy with this.

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Bolle' makes this one. I have these in my goggles. Makes a world of difference. Some fog issues, but nothing a little Cat Crap doesn't fix.



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