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Intese Pain In Bottom of Foot

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Hello all,


I've had some foot issues for a while now and I'm trying to see if anybody has experienced anything similar had any suggestions.  In short, as the day goes on I begin to have intense pain in the bottom of my foot.  The exact location is hard to pin down since it kind of radiates, but I'd say it's in the arch or ball of the foot.  It's not so much a numb feeling as just intense pain.  In addition, it's typically in my left foot, not both.


At first I thought it was the boots.  I started skiing a few years ago and made the silly mistake of buying cheap boots online.  Last season I went to a good boot fitter and explained the issue, and was sold a pair of Salomon X-Pro 100s...which I was told is pretty high end when it comes to custom boot molding.  I also have a custom footbed that was made prior to getting these boots (had them made for the old boots when the pain first started, but I use them with the new boots).


The issue is not as bad with the better boots, but it's still there.  I'll pop a few advil when I start the day and I'm usually ok for the first half of the day.  During lunch I'll pop a few more advil but by the time I get out for the afternoons, the pain starts up quickly to the point where it's very difficult for me to put weight on the foot and turn right.


I know this isn't too much to go on but I'm looking for anything that might help.  The fact that this tends to occur on only one foot makes me feel like it might be something with my foot as opposed to any boot issue....but are there perhaps any accessories, padding, whatever that might help?  I should point I don't experience any foot issues at all in any other part of my life...only when skiing.

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What size feet in centimeters?


What size boots?



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Try lifting your big toe upwards to the sky...While your toe is lifted take your finger and feel the bottom of your foot in the arch area. Do you feel the muscle/tendon like a solid guitar string? If so, this may cause some pain that could radiate thru bottom of foot..Footbed may need some adjustment. Tough to really assess without seeing your foot..
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Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately could not find a centimeter ruler in the house. Boot size is a 25.5 and they don't feel uncomfortable from a foot length perspective.

I did not feel that tendon. In doing some research I keep coming across metatarsalgia, which seems to describe my symptoms but my pain doesn't persist once I take the boot off. It almost completely goes away immediately, and is totally gone within about half an hour.
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