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Power Bars

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I see quite a few people posting on here saying they eat power bars for energy on ski days, be it for breakfast to start the day, or for lunch so they don't have to stop skiing to eat. I am just curious what power bars you guys eat? Which ones give you the energy to keep you going for the day?
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My go to bar is called a SoyJoy. It isn't necessarily a protein bar per se but it boasts giving energy with fruits and healthy stuff.

I'm not sure if it's an asian thing but I never saw it in America.


If I'm feeling the itch on my way to the hill, I'll grab a Nature Valley if the convenience store has them.

Growing up in America, that was my families go to 10:30 lift pick me up.

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Whatever I have left over from cycling season.  I love my Honey Stingers too.  Honey waffles and the gummies.

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The bar in the lodge has a great selection of beers on tap for good prices. I like to call it a power bar because of that.

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