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Originally Posted by Mdskier View Post

Found a traverse signed as Jimmy Buffet street .

You found the Jimmy Buffett shrine. What is interesting about this one is that he is still alive while all other shrines are for people who are not. When Tony Crocker and I were at Ajax two years, we found John Denver, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley (and it was the King's birthday) and Jimi Hendrix, who has the best one although it requires black diamond skiing to see it. I also have directions for Jerry Garcia and Jimmy Buffett shrines and could lead a tour of them on Saturday if anyone is interested. For more info, see aspensnowmassshrines.com


I found the Hunter S Thompson shrine at Snowmass today, the only one I was looking for. It's on ridge below Gunnar's View and located there because of Thompson's fondness for guns. There were at least three trees with a lot of decorations.



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Cool shots, and the shrine trees are like easter eggs.  Sorry to miss the gathering this year, but I will be skiing Aspen Feb 20-21.  I don't see MDSkier anywhere yet in the pictures - I didn't think he'd ever missed a gathering?

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This morning we budgeted 20 minutes to walk to the meetup, and it took less than 5. So we got to hang out and watch the staff put the base area together.

We also got to watch an avalanche dog practice riding the lift.

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Riding the Cirque lift this morning.
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@SKI-3PO, @JohnL, @Needham at the top of the boot pack above Elk Camp:

Steep and deep section in the glades off of Long Shot. Needham performs Kokopelli dance step demo, with SKI-3PO looking on from above the pitch.



half-cloaked peaks
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A well stocked ski town refrigerator.
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Originally Posted by mdf View Post

A well stocked ski town refrigerator.


I presume the box contain left over pizza.

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Originally Posted by mdf View Post

A well stocked ski town refrigerator.
Matchstix drank all the beer on the way back?!?! Isn't he hauling beer+ camera on the hike today? smile.gifbeercheer.gif
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Winner of earliest arrival @Aspen Highlands: @KevinF!!!
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Hike successful!
About 15 people did the hike. I had the honor of being the slowest.
Excellent skiing!
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Friday, Aspen Highlands, 2/5/16


These ladies know how to get their hip low to the ground.

Just exited from the gully on the right off the Deep Temerity lift. 



@lady_Salina and @Old Boot




The survivor group after lunch. 

Heading out for a run under Deep Temerity.



 @Old Boot

 see what happens when you disappear.

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Day 3, Aspen Highlands

(More amazing scenery and a hike.)


A perfectly groomed run. (This went on for more than 3,500 vertical feet if one was so inclined.)


Top of the mountain, above the clouds.


The group prepares for the Highland Bowl hike.


View from the patrol house at the top of the lifts.


An optional snow cat covers the first (and flattest) 1/3 or so of the hike.


Views from the top of the bowl.


The group accidentally left @TimGedney and myself behind while we were buying ski-carrying straps at the patrol house. We made it up anyway, and we got an extra run in on Deep Temerity in the mean time.


The bowl itself. The north-facing slopes still had plenty of powder.


The runout from the bowl was as nice as anything, and came with some additional views.

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Great pics! I only managed 7 runs today, but nearly 15k of vert. Highlands definitely had some great long groomers.
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Today, 2/5/16 at Aspen Highlands was one of my most enjoyable days on a ski hill in a long time (since yesterday?:D).  Beautiful sunshine, great companionship, magnificent terrain at one of my very favorite mtns.


I made two laps in Highland Bowl early drop-ins right after the cat ride.  Lazy man's/old guys way to enjoy a taste of this epic terrain.

Tim and his pop Garyskier:


Tim in Whip's Veneration, Highland Bowl:

In the Highland Bowl runout.  Tim skis about five days a winter, but knows how to air it out!

happy landing

Tim waiting for his second cat ride.  Pyramid Peak in back ground if I'm not mistaken.


Gary in Whip's Veneration, Highland Bowl.

Gary in Bowl runout:

again, attack mode


father and son HOTDOGGERS



Rainbow Jenny was on fire today.  


Here sans outer layer in Whip's Veneration in the Bowl:




She did another lap in the Bowl from the drop in called Boxcar:

Highland Bowl runout

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Me and Matchstix took a snowcat ride together, real close together.  He's a real nice guy and generously carries around a wicked heavy camera to take great shots of the gang.

VinceK and skiNEwhere, these two skied everything in sight today and some woodsy stuff that was outtasight.



Mr and Mrs Giddy cruising one of the beautiful Aspen Highlands groomers on perfect packed powder conditions.

Mrs JGiddy


JGiddy twice


skiNEwhere on No Name trail Olympic Bowl:

VinceK same beautiful spot with Maroon Bells in backgrd.

Ms. Tucker, on No Name


VinceK in Deep Temerity

again two times



 Ms Tucker, in Deep Temerity, SKI LIKE A GIRL!

 Matt S in Deep Temerity

Lady Salina and gang in Deep Temerity, I saw her lapping this terrain over the course of the day.

Cloud Nine was rocking late in the day


Going back to early in the day, MDSkier enjoying a warm up on morning cord:

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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post



Say, which one is @KingGrump ?





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Great pics.  As a long time CO resident and skier, these pics capture everything I like about skiing here (and nothing that I hate: the crowds).  Keep 'em coming.

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A fabulous day at Highlands with sunshine a good portion of the time and great snow.  Michel didn't ski much but got some decent vert in for what she did ski:cool  Not counting Highland Bowl or Deep Temerity the area lends itself to easy top to bottom skiing with multiple choices for how much challenge you want to entertain on the way downThumbs Up


Internet at our lodging is not good but if it improves I'll post the few decent pics I took today.

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Originally Posted by bumpfreaq View Post

Say, which one is @KingGrump ?





You can't miss him in the Orange pants.

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Partial morning meet up at Highlands


Small group photo half way down groomer warmup as they graciously stopped to say hello and pause for the picture.


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Great shots @Jamesj and @Unpiste!! Here's a select few of my own

@MattSmith early in the day

No epicski stickers in the pocket, but we made sure to PugSki the top

@Needham off the summit

@MattSmith on the same excellent pitch

@KevinF ripping up the best snow thus far

@Needham, @MattSmith and @KevinF after our top notch Highlands Bowl run. Matt be cheesing, must have been a good run!!

@TimGedney on our last run

@SKI-3PO on the same

Wowowow such a good day!! Great skiing with everyone
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Did anyone else find the Monkey Lounge on lower mountain at Highlands? We were the first in after recent snow as we had to clear the seats off.



This is the view from there

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Beautiful start to the day at Ajax.

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A couple more from yesterday



Dbostedo, Lofcaudio and Drewder at Highlands with Pyramid Peak in the background



Pyramid Peak with spindrift billowing



Lofcaudio in the bumps



Hiking Highland Bowl


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Ajax on Saturday (2/6/2016):

Had a really nice day as I started with @dbostedo and @drewder as we warmed up by making two top-to-bottom runs on the Copper Bowl side.  I tested out Back of Bell #1 and the bumps were still a little firm but otherwise nice.  We then headed over to Ruthie's where we ran into @Jamesj and @Living Proof.  We all had a nice run which started at Ruthie's and ended at the bottom of the gondola.  I admired Jamesj's willingness to document everything as he had his camera out at all times.  We rode the gondola up and then headed into the Sundeck for lunch.


After lunch, my compadres and I got hooked up with @lady_Salina and @Old Boot.  Next thing I knew, I found myself showing the Lady around Ajax while she showed me how to really ski.  We first had a double scoop of bumps by taking Siebert's down the back side of Bell and then hopping on Gentleman's Ridge for a helping of Glade #1.  Lady Salina was able to give some excellent pointers on things I needed to do to actually ski the more difficult terrain rather than just get down it.  We then upped the ante by hitting runs such as Face of Bell, Short Snort and Jackpot before I called it a day.  The Lady then found a worthy companion in King Grump and off they went for another run.  Other than it getting a little too warm for my taste, it was an outstanding day at one of the more gorgeous locations to ski.


One other thing, it is just unbelievable how uncrowded this place was for a Saturday.

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I can't express my gratitude enough for @Old Boot giving me an impromptu lesson this afternoon!
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And his wife gave me a couple of tips this afternoon that helped me a lot.

BTW, I will mot make the vote tonight as I have a hot date with Story's mom:)

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Some Tue party pics



Tim(Garyskr son), Garyskr, Tim Gedney and Livingproof



From bottom left the faces that are fully or partially visible that I recognize are


Mrs Grump, King Grump, Tseeb, Garyskr, Tim Gedney, ?, Near Nyqvist and Mgiddyup



Lofcaudio and Drewder with Crank in between in background



Deep thoughts about "Man that Jgiddyup is such a crappy skier.  How does he do it":)



Ladies night for those who rip


Mgiddyup, Rainbow Jenny, Kasuncion, Lady Salina, Trekchick, Mrs Grump and Bounceswoosh


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Day 4, Aspen Mountain (Ajax) Pt. 2


Group meetup in the morning at the top of the gondola.


Another very clear view of the eastern side of Highlands, including Highland Bowl and the Deep Temerity terrain.


The town of Aspen in its natural habitat, viewed from Traynor Ridge.

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Ajax, Saturday, 2/6/16


Morning line up at top of gondola. 



@mdf and @SKI-3PO contemplating the meaning of life prior to dropping  into Trainor's.   



The after lunch crowd. 



Après-ski. @tseeb, @MattSmith, @lady_Salina



@dbostedo, Mrs. Grump, @KingGrump




@Rainbow Jenny




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