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Ski Length

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I will be heading to Aspen this week and plan to demo K2 Axis X and the Volkl Vertigo Motion. I will probably demo the Rossi Bandit X as well.

I am 5'8', 164lbs and a level 8 skier. What size do you recommend for the skis I am demoing?
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OK, not much to go on - do you like speed or control? More time on or off piste? Bumps or bashed?
But, sweeping generalisation, I'd say with the K2 go for around 174. I'm not sure about the others, cause I haven't skied them.

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Ditto 174 in the K2 Axis X. It's stiffer and narrower than the Axis [no x] and the 174 should be the benchmark for you if you are a real level 8. Also, where you ski makes a difference: If you ski trees, don't go longer, but if you ski almost always in the open areas of the West or Europe, you may be interested in considering the next longest length.
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I have the Mod X in 181 and i ski almost all in the east am 5'8" at 158 lbs 9 % body fat. I would go for a 181 for more float at Aspen and since its so darn big, meaning huge wide open space go 181 length. By the way the Axis X is same as Mod X just new color scheme. I got LOOK Pivot bindings on mine, excellant binding for the Mod X.

Oh by the way i demoed last years Bandit X and Volkl Vertigo (not motion) K2 Mod X was best overall ski in my opinion second chouce was Atomic Beta Rdie 10.20 these are all last years stuff but the K2 Axis is the same at least.

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Try the Bandit X in a 177. Its an awesome ski!, far better then last years Bandit X and the best ski in its class in my opinion.

Have fun!
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