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Mammoth - First full week of April

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Yes, already looking towards April.  My kids - 8 & 10 - are on spring break so that's our choice this year for the annual "out west" outing.  Limited resorts open at this time and we've had plenty of trips to Alta/Bird, so figured we try California. Squaw sounds like it has a lack of blues for the rest of my family and Alpine isn't really attached, but it's on my radar for someday.  Reviews mentioning wind closures and rude/undesirables from LA (I'm from NJ so probably won't consider them rude!) have me a little worried.  Airline tickets are booked so choice is made.


Just wondering if there's anything to definitely avoid.  Sort of like don't stay at xyz hotel.  I'm thinking staying at the village as there's at least a few shops there.  They seem to advertise to the college spring break crowd.  Do the college kids really go and is it a total party scene?  If so, would want to avoid that with the family as much as possible.  We only went in mass to warm locations back in my day.


Kids would also probably slit skiing with us and going to ski school some days.  Is it any good?

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I just googled spring break schedules for all CA colleges and they are all in March so no worries on the college party crowd. My daughters elementary schools spring break is the 1st week of April so that is when we will be up there as well. I think some of the other schools are the 1st week of April so it definitely wont be empty but not crazy. It will be mostly families in the Village so I wouldn't expect any major partying or loud noises. I don't stay in the condos in the village because they are above some of the bars and can be loud at night. The Westin is very nice and convenient except for the big stair case to get to the village, its a bit of a workout but not too bad. They have a good kids room so after dinner our kids head in there for 1-2 hours and give us a break.  I would also look into Juniper Springs. Its slopeside and is on the quieter part of the mountain with a very good ski school a few steps away. Its about a mile to the village and there is a free shuttle. You definitely don't need a car in Mammoth since there are so many shuttle busses. I think you will really enjoy Mammoth in April. IMO it is the best time to go and they are having an amazing snow year so the whole mountain will be open which disperses the crowds nicely. It is a very big mountain. Let me know if you have any more detailed questions. I know the place pretty well :) 

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I stayed at the village last spring break with my family (wife & 3 kids) and it was great.  Didn't have any trouble with noise.  We were up a few stories.


Last year the eastern, Juniper side of the mountain was closed later in the season, but this year it will probably be open a lot later since theres so much more snow.

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Definitely no worries for Mammoth first week of April this year.  You will be very happy with that choice. Many years you'll still be skiing winter packed powder snow.

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