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Inside ankle bone pain. over/under pronating?

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Hi, it looks like is a ton of boot fitting knowledge on this forum.  i've been having front/inside of the ankle bone (i think its called medial malleolus) and top/inside of instep bruising/pain for years and it got so bad i almost had to quit skiing.  i will give as much detail as i can and would be grateful for suggestions to address my issue.




- my problem is left foot only (ankle has been sprained a couple of times, flexibility seems reasonable)

- the heels on my shoes wear on the outside.  the left shoe wears a little less than the right, and when i stand it appears my left ankle pronates slightly less than the right

- i'm 6'2" and 170 lbs.  53 years old.  i ski bumps and crud as long as my legs carry me.  i don't hike or ski out of bounds.

- i'm on volkl ac50 170's.  

- bony shins so i've stuck with overly soft lange 80 flex boots all my life to protect them.  my ski technique has improved with age and i just bought atomic hawx 1.0 100x (size 27.5, less than 2 fingers of room in the shell, feel like a great/snug/comfortable fit) and have skied them once.  what a difference in ski response/carving, so please don't suggest i'm too old to go to stiffer boots!!


the pain and what i've done to attempt to address it:


- the pain started about 10 years ago.  i changed boots, then had boot work done... $800 for custom footbeds and bootwork from a recommended bootfitter in nyc (about 6 years ago)....didn't help.  

- i've learned to manage the pain well by yanking the tongue up/inward toward the ankle pain spot at the top of every run.  this seems to adjust pressure favorably.

- i've never adjusted canting on ski boots, but my boots have a "single canting adjustment"

- i got the new, stiffer boots that i love, but the pain is back and i can't manage it with the tongue the same way.  i would hate to go back to the old boots

- it feels like bruising on the bone.  visually, i don't notice any different rubbing or redness compared to the right foot

- probably obvious, but hard carving and bumps seem to initiate and exacerbate the pain.  after the one day in the new boots, i can feel the bruise in relatively soft hiking boots when they hit that spot.


it seems like this pain would come from over pronation, but that doesn't foot (no pun) with the left foot appearing to pronate slightly less.  any chance it is supinating or under-pronating?  i'm considering intuition luxury mv liners and would gladly pay the money if i believed they will solve my problem.  i'm hesitant to go to another boot fitter since that didn't work out well last time.


please let me know if there are details i have left out.  thanks in advance for your thoughts.



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I forgot to include this image of my wet footprints on newspaper.  it shows the difference between my feet. 



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