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Sugarbush or Mad River Glen this weekend? (1/30/16)

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I have never skied either--anyone have a report on comparative conditions before I buy a 2-day MRG lift ticket?  


I'm staying at a lodge for the weekend at MRG, but given the light snow year, wondering if conditions would be significantly better at Sugarbush.

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Sugarbush makes a lot of snow in some zones, a few are proudly left natural.  Last week the challenging natural trails (Castle Rock lift) were pretty rocky.  Some of the less famous natural snow trails were fine.  The snowmaking trails had good coverage, though some were had an "Eastern firm" surface.


MRG makes snow only on some beginner terrain.  But I would guess the traffic is less.   I haven't been there this year.


If it was me, I'd do Sugarbush till we get more snow.  But as I said, that is based on limited info.

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Have not been to either this year.  Sugarbush has more (a lot as MRG has hardly any at all) snowmaking but MRG gets less skier traffic.  Saturday at MRG is not a good idea unless you are OK with a long line for the single chair.


MRG always has brutally honest condition reports on their site.


Stowe will have the best conditions in the region.  Just added that for he who must not be named, oh and for Kevin too.

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A good source of New England conditions is the AlpineZone forums:  http://forums.alpinezone.com/


Natural snow trails anywhere are going to have "thin" spots.  i.e,. hitting rocks (or at least dirt) is unavoidable unless you stick to the trails with man-made snow.


In past years I've been to Sugarbush and MRG on consecutive days and found that Sugarbush had far worse conditions than MRG did.  There's something to be said about limiting skier traffic.


As @crank said above -- yes, I've spent all of my Vermont ski days at Stowe so far this year.  I can't compare their conditions to anyplace else.  Every trip I've made has ended with the skis spending some time on the tuning bench to fix the edge damage.  I don't think anybody in Vermont has anything approaching "great" conditions this season.

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Earlier, I think Stowe was way ahead, but I think the other guys are catching up.  This year I have 3 days at Stowe and 1 at Sugarbush.


Both Stowe and Sugarbush are making snow on trails worth skiing -- it's not just high traffic areas.

At Sugarbush the Mt. Ellen side gets less traffic on the harder trails than the Lincoln Peak side.

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Thanks for all the great info!

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