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Some really big skis

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I work in a shop in Breck as a ski mechanic. A friend and fellow racer started his journey into speed skiing last year by running in the DH production class of the Sun Peaks Velocity Challenge: He is now preparing to compete in the FIS WC Speed division. So he asked me to mount his NOS Atomic 10-18s on his new skis.


Just how big are they?


238 cm. Stiffer than a 2x4, Zero camber.


A very aggressive thumbprint structure. The races begin in March in the US and more follow in Europe so course could be fast.



He'll need to know which ones are his.


Shameless shop promotion.

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Good lord!!!

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The latest world record: 



The event info for Sun Peaks:


Calendar and results: 

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I was at Sun Peaks last week and saw the speed course.  Straight down a steep black diamond run with two drop offs on it.  Wow!

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