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Quick, Real Quick!

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A man walked into the produce section of his local supermarket, and*asked to******* buy half a head of lettuce. The boy working in that department* told him that they only sold whole heads of lettuce.*The man was insistent that the boy asked his manager about the matter.*
**Walking into the back room, the boy said to the manager, "Some* ******* *wants to buy half a head of lettuce." As he finished his* sentence,*he turned to find the man standing right behind him, so he added, "And*this gentleman kindly*offered to buy the other half." **The manager approved the deal, and the*man went on his way.*
**Later the manager said to the boy, "I was impressed with the way you*got yourself out of that situation earlier. We like people who think on* their feet here.*
**Where are you from, son?"*
**"Canada, sir," the boy replied.*
**"Well, why did you leave Canada?" the manager asked.*
**The boy said, "Sir, there's nothing but whores and hockey players up*there."*
**"Really?" said the manager. "My wife is from Canada."*
**"No shit??" replied the boy... "Who'd she play for?"

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Its a good 'un, but we've seen it b4:

December 20, 2001, courtesy of Fox:


Tom / PM
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Thanks PM, I was afraid it looked a little too familiar.

---Just trying to burn some time dealing with the terrible summer heat down here!!!

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That must have been one of the first jokes I posted.
I'm surprised anyone remembered!
PM, either you've got a phenomenal memory, or you've got too much time on your hands.

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The reason that particular joke stood out in my mind is because while I really enjoyed it, I was secretly thinking to myself, "you know, Tom, that's just the sort of situation you would get yourself into". [img]smile.gif[/img]

Yesterday, when I thought about searching for Fox's original posting, I figured that the word, "lettuce", probaby has never appeared on Epic other than in this one joke. I typed it into the search engine, and nailed it on my first try.

Keep the jokes coming guys - we've got a long hot summer ahead of us 'till the snow flies again in these parts. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Tom / PM

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