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Considering Blizzard X-Power 810 Ti IQ

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Hi gang, first time poster.

Just getting back into skiing after a few years off and want to buy skis. I ski mostly groomed snow, high-intermediate, 5'11" & 180lbs.

I've been looking at Blizzard X-Power 810 Ti (comes with IQ bindings). They are last years skis and are still available for $700-ish new, seem to be fairly highly rated, no demos near me unfortunately. They look to have been replaced with the Power X8's this year but spec-wise I don't see any difference and are selling for almost $400 less due to the closeouts.

Anyone skiing these as a primary ski? Also they come in 167 & 174, leaning towards 167 as I'm not quite advanced level yet, would that be reasonable or should I go for the 174?

Thanks for the advice!
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Adding: I ski west coast and am looking for a single frontside-biased all mountain setup, starting to think by reading more user's gear choices that maybe 174 would be more appropriate?


BTW: Ski lengths available are: 160, 167, 174, 181 with a 81 waist.

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  125/81/108 Tip:16M, Mid body: 20M, Tail: 16M


@Philpug review on epic ski here.

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I haven't skied this ski, but a couple of things stand out from your original post and Phil's review
You stated you're a high intermediate but then worried about the 174 being too long. At your size you need the 174. In Phil's list of other skis in this class he lists the Nordica Fire Arrow 84EDT, a ski I own and love. It is a ski that demands to be driven all the time and is not friendly to rough technique. It has a very small sweet spot. Because of that I wouldn't recommend the Blizzard as your primary ski. There are better skis for your purpose. The Head Strong Instinct TI in a 177 would good as would the Head Monster 83 in a 177, Atomic Vantage 90CTi in a 176. These are all less demanding skis.
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At your size, the 174 would be more appropriate. Keep in mind that this ski has a touch of rocker, so it will ski a little shorter than the advertised length. $700 seems like a lot for a leftover 2015, at the end of last season there were a lot of those still lying around, so it shouldn't be hard to find a better price than that. Ski-Depot in Maine is selling them for $499 w/bindings, but they are out of the 174's. But if I were you I would shop around for a better deal.

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I have a pair of 174 I'm gonna look to sell, just getting them hand tuned.  They have 9 days on them and are in "great" shape.  There is demand for them in the 174 still for sure as they are a solid ski, but sold out at that length, demos are still pulling in high $$ .  I'm probably asking around $450 if interested.

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