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Ligety Wrecked

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Torn ACL in GS training.

Now the US Ski Team is down to one.

She could beat what's left of the whole Austrian speed team though.

The FIS is doing something wrong.

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More here:


he gets over-rotated on a right foot turn at the end of the video....

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Unfortunate. It happens. 


He has a 2-3 ruptured/compressed discs in his back, and he has a problematic hip labrum {like might need more surgery}. He turns 32 this summer. This has been rough on the body. 


I hope that we'll see him make a comeback, but he has a lot going on in his life, and I would not be shocked it this is the end of a career, and the start of a bunch of other ventures for him. 


On a side note, I'm of the opinion that we won't see Hirscher racing when he's 30. We might see Kristofferson done before then....despite saying that he'd like to race into his mid-thirties as of late. Hirscher said a couple of years ago that he would retire at 30. Might be sooner. He turns 27 in a couple of months. He might be part of a long list of 2018 retirees. 


It's a real grind. It's hard. The guys at the top make a lot of money, and are exposed to a lot of other business opportunities. This is a different world that when a Euro star retired to run his own small hillside inn. Ligety is  bright guy, and he's already got a neat business with Shred. Hirscher, I'm told is smart and exceptionally personable.....and very interested in the business world. HK is still very young.


We'll see. These guys who have a lot of years on the tour, starting when they are very young show their wear and tear the they are Ligety's age, IMO. 

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

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Horrible News. 


I woke up today by sending the below photo to wife and friends to celebrate/remember that my ACL surgery was one year ago today (01/27/2015).  Celebration ended quickly when I saw Ted's tweet and video.


My three favorite skiers (Shiffrin, Ligety, Svindal) are now all out with knee injuries.  Two were leading the overall WC standings when they were injured.


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Yeah, but the FIS is going to fix all that, right? I mean, the new GS regs have definitely caused a drop in the number of knee injuries, right? Oh, wait, I forgot about Ligety, and Shiffrin, and Anna Feninger, and a few others just this season (pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...)



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Originally Posted by Muleski View Post
I hope that we'll see him make a comeback, but he has a lot going on in his life, and I would not be shocked it this is the end of a career, and the start of a bunch of other ventures for him. 

I just had beer with few friends who yesterday evening here in Garmisch, and even though it's way to early to say something, one of these guys (head coach of certain team) was in contact with Forest yesterday, and based on his comment, Ligety will be back for sure. Let's see and let's hope it's really going to happen :)

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Fo's a smart guy, and my hunch is that everybody around Ted and the USST has agreed that the word is that he's coming back. I also believe that it is the plan, and that they're all pointing toward that. The upside of the timing is that while the ACL's healing, he should be able to heal the back and hip. Even with Forest leaving the team at the end of the season {to be the Exec Dir at Jackson Hole}, Ted has not just great support, but long time friends on the USST staff.  It's been pointed out to me that there is also a lot of money on the table, between now and the end of the 2018 season. So, I would be amazed if there would be ANY conversation, even among friends over beers, that wouldn't be stating full comeback. We won't know whether he's all in for six months, or more. We might not know for close to a year. 


Having said that, I also know that among the fairly tight circle of his friends, even last summer there were folks who wondered {based on their spending a ton of time with him over many years} just how much longer he'd keep at it. As Primoz knows, this is a long and hard grind and it's harder when you're beat up. Most keep at it as long as possible, for a bunch of reasons. They're stars at home. They make a lot of money. Some make incredible money. It's hard to leave it. Fame and fortune. And for many, they can't really imagine what's next. Ligety is different. He has a lot of business interests. Shred is part of it. He's one of these guys who I can see closing the door behind him, and opening another one right away. Much like Bode seems to be doing. Ted Ligety will be a big success at anything. 


Still, as a fan, I really hope that we'll see him fully recover, and be back for at least a couple more years. Best of luck to him. I'm sure he'll work his butt of in rehab. I'd like to see a bunch more GS podiums, a number of wins, and maybe even a globe. 

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Is there any chance Ligety will give up on slalom or even just be a full blown GS specialist? I really wish he'd adapt his technique to get back to the top rung, but I don't know how realistic that is for somebody at his level combined with entering the tail end of his career.

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Wow, sorry for this news.  Watching Ligety in a GS course is perhaps my all-time favorite thing as a spectator.  I indeed hope he's back.


I also hope that's the end of the injuries this year!


Any of the pro's wearing knee braces?  After banging gates today I sat down in the bar to change and as I was removing my rather large PCL brace I noticed a lady next to me removing a similar brace (ACL...).  A couple of the fastest in our beer league (one is below a 1 handicap) are in knee braces.  That's definitely not me, LOL.  Perhaps the hardware would hinder performance for top level athletes but just curious if it's a viable option for Ligety.

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