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Nordica nrgy 90 ski

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What is a difference between Nordica NRGY 90 vs EVO Nordica 90 skis

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Hi Leica


Check out Nordica's website at  Provides an answer to your question.

Both are the same ski.  NRGY 90 is "flat".  i.e. sold without bindings.

NRGR 90 EVO is sold with a binding.  EVO refers to the plate the binding is mounted on followed by the name of the specific binding.

e.g. NRGY 90 EVO + N PRO P.R. EVO WB

      NRGY 90 EVO + N ADV P.R. EVO WB


Hope that helps

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thank you

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is any difference in skiing, as they say nrgy 90 for intermediate to advance skier and evo nrgy 90 for experts

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I suspect someone else with first-hand experience will provide the answer but I'm guessing the EVO plate to which the binding is mounted (vs. mounting binding directly to ski) significantly stiffens up the ski making it more practical for an advanced skier.

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thank you again!

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