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Head Venturi 95 vs. Vokl Mantra

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I'm a 6'5", 210lb intermediate skier living in Denver.  Mostly on piste as this is my second season back after a bad car wreck and 2 surgeries took me off skis for about 8 years.  I'm pushing further out into trees and more difficult terrain as the season progresses and want a set of skis I can grown into as my skills develop.  This is my first set of alpine skis, as I've been on a tele rig for about 15 years and snowboarded before that.  Was about the buy some demo Head Venturi 95's with Tyrolia Attack 13 bindings when I stumbled across a set of 2015 Vokl Mantras in the same size (191cm) with Marker Jester bindings at essentially the same price.  Both are in great shape.  Reading reviews, it looks like the Heads are a more nimble, easier rocker/camber/rocker ski while the Vokls are a full camber ski with a much longer turn radius.  Any advice?

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I can't give you specifics as I'm not same weight nor I know your terrain preferences.

Here's what I can tell: those are two completely different skis. I was even surprised to read your thread title hehe.

Venturi is the narrowest in Head big mountain collection and I've read that it's soft and basically for very lightweight people. I think it's very likely you'll overpower it.

The Mantra, especially at 191, is in the other end of the spectrum. It's the stiffest mean sob in the category. You need to have the good technique on it to make it work in all conditions.

Despite being around 99mm under foot it's not so easy in soft snow (and I'd say in the hard Piste it's also unsuitable). Plus sometimes it needs to be driven fast or it will feel tiring in the legs.

So I think the Venturi is certainly not for you in any length, the Mantra could work depending on your terrain preference (and if it's your only ski or an offpiste specific one) , but I also don't think it would be the optimal for you.

Have you demoed it before? The Mantras vary from year to year, old models had camber, then full rocker, which would make it a bit better in pivoting and soft snow.


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