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Telluride: ski instructors and choice of skis

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Thanks to everyone who helped me to choose a Colorado destination for my trip next week. Just the little guy (7 year-old) and myself, we're heading to Telluride from 30 Jan - 6 Feb. Can't wait! I'm hoping that we can both get some lessons in while we're there. Can anyone recommend instructors at Telluride, for either myself or my son? We are both intermediate-level skiers, and have almost exclusively skied in Vermont. I've read the name Denis Huis on the site, is he still the man to see?


As an additional thought, to try to save a bit of money I'm going to take my Rossi Pursuits. These are slightly rockered at the tip and tail, and 74mm underfoot. Great on east coast icy hills, but am I going to wish for fat skis at Telluride? I could rent something like a Bonafide or a Soul 7, but hoped to try out the Pursuits to see how they did.

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I don't know any of the T-ride instructors personally, but I like that they have bios of some of their top instructors on their site http://www.tellurideskiresort.com/ski-school/ski-school-instructors/ For Tips on getting the most out of your lesson, consider reading http://www.skischoolpros.com/how-to-maximize-your-ski-snowboard-lessons/


If it hasn't snowed in a while, your Pursuits will probably be fine. OTOH, if there is a foot or two of fresh, I suspect you would enjoy something wider. Look at the snow reports and forecast before you go.



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You can ski on anything (Just look at the pics of Alf Engen skiing DEEEP powder on tiny skinny skis back in the day at Alta); however, Telluride is supposed to get dumped on Jan 30 - Feb 2 (https://opensnow.com/dailysnow/colorado) so I would DEFINITELY recommend demoing something with FAT with lots of rocker if that forecast comes true. I'm talking wider than 110mm in waist. Personally I demoed some Icelantic Shamans and had a ball on them but the local shops will give you some recommendations if you ask. Cheers!

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Thanks for all your help! Looks like there is some fresh snow on the way, so we'll get a hold of some wide skis.
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Hope you rented some fat boards...looks to be deep!
Hope I get so lucky in March,
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It is freaking amazing out here! I spent the first day on Volkl One's which were great, but I switched out to Rossi Super 7's. Couldn't be happier.
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Will be there on Friday. Pow getting tracked out yet?
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@Dino just saw your post. The mountain is largely groomed and crunched down now, at least the open groomers. The glades have some powder left in them. We are expecting snow tonight, 1-2". You'll have a great time when you come, it's an amazing place to be!

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Also, for archival purposes here, we ended up having a private lesson with an instructor called T-Bone. He was fantastic and I would highly recommend him. We were also told that Katie McHugh and Cristina Condido are fantastic instructors, but they were booked up this week.

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