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Best Way To SkI Lutsen

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We are two experienced skiers who are finally planning to get back to Lutsen for skiing but probably only will have one day to put in.  What is the best way to break down the skiing there now that they have more runs?  Would appreciate knowing how others go about trying to get the best out of the area in just one day.  Thanks.

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Start your day on Moose Mountain working left to right across the runs. Have lunch on Moose then head over to Mystery Mountain if you liked ungroomed terrain. Wrap up the day cruising the groomers on Eagle Mountain.

Moose has nice long runs that face the lake. It's my favorite of the peaks there. Eagle has steep double blacks that are doubles just to scare off the beginners. Mystery is more natural terrain and has their longest runs. Ullr is their beginner area.
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Sounds like a great plan and really gets us excited to be back.  Thanks very much for the info.  Enjoy the rest of your season.

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