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Need Advice on Atomic Binders

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I just got a pair of Atomic Race Xentrix 614 bindings that I'm going to have mounted on a pair of 180 cm Head WC Titanium Slaloms. I wanted the Xentrix because of the fore/aft adjustability. I weigh 195#.

My question has to do with add-on lifter plates. The Heads have no integral plate.

As the bindings come from the box, they seem to have a pretty middle-of-the-road height. Lots less than you'd have if you put the same binding on, for example, the Atomic 9.16 ski.

I'm going to be using these skis mostly as a general-purpose ski for days when there's been no new snow. My racing career is *essentially* in the past, although I'll occasionally run recreational gates on these skis.

So, would you add plates to increase the height of these bindings? If so, whose plate would you use? If not, why not?

Any and all opinions are welcome.

Help me out?

Thanks in advance.

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You have me a little puzzled. There is a Race series and an Xentrix series, but no Race Xentrix series. If you have a Race 614, the height will be 16.5mm. If you have an Xentrix 614, the height will be 24mm. Measured at the heel piece.

Since you will only be racing occasionally, you should keep to a total height of around 50mm. Atomic offers risers to be used on flat mounting decks, if required. Figure out which binding you have, and measure your ski thickness. Add the binding and ski thickness together and subtract that figure from 50mm. The difference is the required riser height.

Here's the available options.

CXC 17 - 17mm, White, blue, or orange
RC 17 - 17mm, Red
CXC 10 - 10mm, Black
VarioCharger 9 - 9mm, Black

The CXC 17 and RC 17 are essentially the same. They are pre drilled to accept any Atomic binding, and the risers are mounted to the ski deck.
The CXC 10 is mounted to the same holes used to mount the bindings. Longer screws are needed. I believe only the Race Binding can be used, since the additional 7.5mm of the Xentrix screws would be too long.
The VarioCharger mounts to the ski deck, and then the binding mounting holes must be drilled where required. The Xentrix and Race bindings can be used on this riser.

Hope this makes sense.

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Sorry I puzzled you. When I said they were Race Xentric's, I was reading from the instruction sheet packed in the box. That sheet says "Race Xentric", but I suspect that the same set of instructions works for either binding. I've not used Atomic bindings before, so I'm just not very familiar with the models.

They are indeed the Race 614 (the label on the bar code attached to the box says "Race Race 614"). So, we've settled that question.

Thanks for the instructions - they make perfect sense. I wasn't aware that Atomic made risers. I got these bindings by swapping a new pair of Marker 9.2 SC's for the Atomics. I specifically asked the guy at the shop about add-on risers and he told me that Atomic didn't have any add-on risers, so that's one more example of the kind of knowledge level you often run into at shops.

Anyway, I will do my measuring and figure out which riser I want. I'll then go to one of the race shops at Park City to get the whole thing mounted.

Thanks again,

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Give Arcs ski shop in the Park City resort center a call they have the full Atomic line of skis and binding.I know that they do a lot of work here for both the Park City Ski team and The Masters ski team.
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Thanks for the recommendation. I'll head up there next week and get them mounted. I've done my measurements and got the riser height calculated.

Now, all we need is snow.

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