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Hestra Army Mitten Fit?

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First if all I did a search with no real luck.

I need a good mitten for those single digit and below days. I downloaded the fit guide and I'm half way between the 9 & 10 line. I was near a shop that sells Hestra so I stopped in to double check sizes and see what they still had available. The 10 mitten they had felt a big big but the 9 was definitely too small & the 11 was way too big. When I got home I ordered the Army mitten in a 10. They arrived yesterday but they seem smaller than the Hestra 10's I tried on in the store. When my fingers are extended straight the tips are tightly against the end. When my hand is in its natural curve they seem like they may be okay. These are my first mitts since I was a kid. How do yours fit? Did I get a short pair or do you mitten folks think I'm good?
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Is this partly your fault for trying to save a buck by not patronizing the store where you did your browsing? :snowfight 


It could've been a different production year or production run results in differences.

There will be some breakin for the mittens, but if you want to return you need to decide before you wear the mitten skiing and break them in.  

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Exactly why I'm asking.

I always buy from a brick & morter store whenever possible. Unfortunately they were the only shop around that carries them and they didn't have the gloves I wanted. They said they'd be happy to order them for me with their next shipment... Some time next fall. That's why I ordered them from Backcountry.

Oh, and my local store would have been $5 cheaper...
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Funny, I happen to have the Hestra Army mittens and they are too big.  I had tried sizing different Hestra mittens at a local shop when shopping, then decided to go with Army version instead.  Oops!  Have worn them skiing now so can't return 'em.


Not sure if they are size 10 or 11.  Maybe we could swap?  I'll check the size when I get to CO on Thursday night as that's where my gear is stored.

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I'm still trying to figure out if mine are fit right or too small...
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I have the Hestra Army mittens in size 9.  My measured hand circumference is 8.75 inches and length (tip of middle finger to break in wrist) is 7.6 inches, so my hand circumference is slightly under the chart size and my hand length is same as the chart size.  With my hand fully extended in the mitt my finger tips just touch the end of the mitt and the thumb has a little space at the end.  When I relax my hand I have enough space between the tips of my fingers and the mitten for a comfortable fit.  I've worn the mittens skiing several times and am happy with the fit.  

What is your measured hand length?  Hestra chart hand length is 8 inches for a size 10 mitten.

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7 5/8" to the tip of my middle finger. And my fingers touch a bit more than yours. When I grip a ski pole they just barely don't touch the end.
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Seems like the size 10 should fit length wise.  If I put my hand in a mitten with my fingers extended and have the palm facing me and press at the tip of my middle finger there is zero space,  but if I flex my hand like I was holding a ski pole the tip of my middle finger drops below (to the wrist side) of the seam in leather.  That's the curved seam you see if the palm of the mitten is facing you.  If you're still not sure maybe Hestra has a customer service number. 

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If I do that I compress the inner liner completely and put pressure on the leather outer shell. Maybe I'll try Hestra customer service and see what they think. Thanks, good idea!
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Customer service feels that since the rest of the glove fits well and when I grip a pole my fingers do have a bit of room the size 11 will be way to big for me. I'm going to treat the leather and ski in them on the next cold day and we'll find out for sure. I hope they're warm because so far I like them so much more than I expected!
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Hope the mittens work out for you.  I really like mine.

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