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Blizzard race stock GS

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I'm thinking about picking up a pair of leftover 2014 Blizzard GS skis: 188cm, 30m radius.

Skis are brand new, and one pair is described as "WC/FIS race stock GS skis with Marker Piston plate" and the other is just "Race stock GS skis with MARKER Piston plate."

So, are there different levels of "race stock" skis? What is the difference? And should I even care as a middle-aged weekend warrior?

Price difference between the two is $130, so I'm inclined to get the cheaper one (regular race stock, not "WC/FIS")
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There are a lot of different race stock skis. If the skis are fromĀ visualsĀ identical then the difference is probably in the flex. Usually the WC skis are stiffer. What do you need the skis for? If you don't need them for racing get the WC ones :).

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Thanks. I also found this ( ) which would suggest the only difference is the base prep. And maybe they hand select and flex match the WC skis, and the rest just go to regular race stock? Anyway, I think the cheaper ones would be fine.

Skis are just for free skiing and hopefully a GS camp if I can find one locally. I just broke the heel piece on my Blizzard GS 182 25m and went online to look for some new bindings. Got sidetracked and thought it might be fun to get new skis and try something a little different...
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Yes, I think you are right. They probably have only one production line for these skis. Base and titanium layers and hand selection are the likely differences. You want to get a pair that is as flexible as possible. These are womens skis so they should turn easily. Im going for the same ski by Atomic this year.

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