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Beaver Creek Lift Ticket HELP

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Hello all, very excited to be heading to Avon on Friday.

This Texan could use some help finding discount lift tickets.

Unlike many who ski there, i don't have a trust fund, so thinking $155 a day is getting crazy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have 4 people skiing a max of 4 days.

Best :)

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There are no deals for Vail lift tickets that are openly available.  They keep day prices high to force you into buying an epicpass for next year after you've been screwed once.  The epicpass is extremely inexpensive compared to it's open market value, you don't need a trust fund to go skiing at beaver creek.


They enforce their lowest price is guaranteed by buying through Vail.

-buy early online for the best discounted rate 


Your only options for cheaper tickets ALL are going to involve you doing work and they might not come through.  Is your time worth it to save that money?


-search on ebay/craigslist who bought vouchers that they can't use and are selling for a loss then go through the hassle to find and meetup with them.

-find someone who has buddy tickets AND meetup with them at the ticket window and wait in line.

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All good points. Thanks for your input Ray. If I knew for sure i could get there every year, I would buy the pass. Sure does expensive without it, when you add the rentals... I guess I'll shutup and pay the bill, Grrrr :)

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Yea, no doubt it is expensive, and it is artificially higher than market value.  But again it's to protect the EpicPass sales more than being the accurate standalone price of what it's really worth. 


Hey though, you're already in for a trip, if you're already planned you got to bite the bullet.  I think if you get a multiday pass you also can go to Vail or other resorts if you so choose.


There are definitely non-Vail resorts where the prices reflect their value, but if you want to ski at a Vail Resort you have no discount options.

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If you buy in advance online don't you get a small discount over just walking up to the window?

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Originally Posted by Jamesj View Post

If you buy in advance online don't you get a small discount over just walking up to the window?

you get a decent sized discount if you buy a few days out.  But even if you buy on your phone the morning you decide to ski they'll knock like $10 off or something. 


Plus typically they have an online pickup window which saves you TIME, especially on a weekend day.  TIME is also very valuable, when you do the math, it starts coming out to be like 25cents for each MINUTE you're on the mountain.

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Just going to the main website: (http://www.beavercreek.com/)

1 day = 165

2 day 330 (no break)

3 day 465 (155 PD)


So really i don't see much of a break anywhere.


Assuming the walk up price is not more than 165. At that point  I will buy a bottle of Dom and sit in the hot tub instead of skking.


I have been working out, so as to get my $20.00 an hours worth, assuming you are skiing about 8 hours a day...

I really do love this area, but these prices might push me back down to New Mexico next year.

I grew up skiing at Taos, Riudoso, Sante Fe, and Durango.

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Pick a date starting tomorrow (e.g. tuesday) versus a date 1 week from now (also tuesday).  You will see the price change.

Also, weekends holidays all have different prices.  


If you're already in the 7day window, i think that changes prices, but i think it goes up again within 3days.

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Looks to me like $165 is the walk up rate, and $155 is the near term discount rate (inside 7 days). Checking the following weekend (2/5 - 2/8) gives a 4 day ticket at $128/day. 


You also mentioned rentals - I'd suggest you don't get those through Vail/Beaver Creek if that's what you were thinking of doing (i.e. don't book rentals with your lift tickets). I found that to be much more expensive than other local shops. (Though that was at Vail - I don't know how many local shops Avon/BC has, though I'd imagine quite a few.)

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I recall Walkup rate is going to be more than the online rate for 1day when i was curious one day and compared.  Even day-of.  Of course it maybe at the mercy of the vail's profit maximizing computer pricing algorithms if that is always true.  

Often some guests are foreigners without internet data access or won't trust in anything but cash, and Vail is going to do their best to suck those tourist dry.


Even if you're there and already parked, once you are sure you're going to go skiing, it's worth it to plug it into your smartphone in the parking lot before you walk over.  

If they presented it as they're going to charge you $7 or whatever to buy from a window, you'd say that's ridiculous (even if you're *just* going from 165->172, $7 is $7).  

Online rate is guarenteed to be lowest.  Ticket window is not guarenteed to be same as online rate (and they will take advantage of that loophole).

At a minimum you'll save time to go to the online pickup versus the line.

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Wow! $165 walk up rate.... plan ahead, or be rich. BC is a fun place to ski but IMO doesn't come close to about a dozen other ski areas with better terrain. But I guess if I was in the neighborhood, and they got 20+ inches of 3% blower cold smoke POW on a weekday, I might buy a lift ticket for the day. But only if I could get a free chocolate chip cookie at the end of my powder ski fest...

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Drive to Abay, Loveland or Copper.

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VR prices are ramping down from $175 a day now.  You might see 1 or 2 more weeks of decreasing prices but then Presidents Day is coming and they will swing back the other way.   Hopefully you will be able to find some cheaper dates that work for you.


Unless you already have reservations/plans, I think @core2 had a good suggestion.

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Great idea, we may try Copper Mountain. We are staying in Avon, so maps says it's a 31 minute drive. Their one day rate is $102.

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Copper MTN deals can be found on Liftopia for $94 for all this weekend, FYI.

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How long ago did you make your plans to go to BC on Friday?

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Originally Posted by FatChance View Post

How long ago did you make your plans to go to BC on Friday?


This thread could be a good example of how NOT to go about planing your trip for the best savings, not offense OP.

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