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Help or suggestions for skis.

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I'm an advanced level 55 year old skier, 5'10, 175 lbs. I've started doing some race training this season for the first time ever with a view to improve technique. I'm not really interested in racing but you never know. Its a pretty relaxed group and I'm having a blast. I had thought it was going to be slalom and had already invested in a used slalom ski of moderate price but alas when I turned up it was GS. They all have GS skis. I'm on my all mountains and clearly they're not holding. I tried a demo set of hero Masters M-16 170 last week and felt much better but was surprised by the length and turning radius for a GS ski. Mind you this is not an FIS course, on an Ontario hill and masters racing so I'm told these courses are shorter with tighter than usual turns and not as fast. I'm told I should get a non FIS type GS ski. I do not think I am in any way good enough to push a real stiff FIS GS ski to get the full carve out of it.


Cutting to my question I'm looking for a ski, used, not pricey to use for this for a while. If I get more engaged I'll upgrade to something better but for now just looking for something cheap to train with. Any suggestions for the older models would be appreciated. There are lots out there, reportedly underused and in good shape, models from the last 4 or 5 years,  on our local ad boards but I'm not sure exactly what would be best for me.  The Hero masters demos at least for now are too expensive for me.


Thanks in advance!

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Check that site for old race skis, saw some Fischers, for $175.

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Hate to say it as most people on this board are likely way better at this than I but I think that type of ski is a bit too much ski for me. As I'm just learning I'm not sure I'm generating enough speed and proper force to use it properly. It might be counterproductive at my level. maybe in a year or two if I stick with it would be appropriate.   Model ideas would be great than I scout out our local used ads and make an appropriate choice. Thanks for the link though.

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What are the guys on the league using?  New old stock race skis are great if you have a serious skill set and can extract every ounce out of a ski with a powerful but small sweet spot.

Most of us end up on some type of cheater like the Rossi Master, Volkl Racetiger, Nordica GSR etc. with a 18.5 to 21M turning radius.  They tend to have a little larger sweet spot and easier initiation with a little less overall power.

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I'm pretty sure that's the type of ski I'm talking about. Pretty much everyone has a lot more experience and comes from a racing past. I'm the only newbie and clearly the least experienced guy out their. Its a good gang and everyone is tremendously encouraging.On an open slope, through moguls etc I can ski with all these guys but through the gates is another thing all together. I'm surprised at how it changes everything despite many warnings that it would take me down a notch. I'm not young and reckless anymore so playing it safe and being cautious to some extent but I don't feel I can push it. I'm not sure I can use their skis as a judge for what I need. From what I can see most of their skis say FIS/world cup etc.The coach's advice was I need a GS ski but not "too much ski".    


I'll look for the above. I note that some of the GS Rossi's from a few years back ( in my price range) use the word "masters" in their name but then also include FIS or world cup which I thought was synonymous with the stiffer wider radius more demanding ski. I may be wrong about that. I know the newer model Hero GS Masters is probably exactly what I'm looking for but they are all a lot pricier even in demo off sale then I am willing to fork out at this stage.


There's this http://www.ski-review.com/ski_reviews/review/rossignol_radical_wc_gs_master_2013/ I think this is the type if ski your referring to above.


and there is this http://www.joessportinggoods.com/product/rossignol-radical-world-cup-gs-master-r18-skis-16313.htm


They have identical paint, seem to be the same ski yet have different descriptions. The first link seems like what I should get. The second link is describing a different ski likely out of my ability range. There are some of these for sale on our local ads for very good prices $200 to 250 but from the info I gather from responses to ads the exact classification of the ski is unclear to me. I don't know if its clear to the sellers either. As long as I have a good idea what I'm looking for then I can be more precise in my questioning. My problem is I've never really paid much attention to this type of knowledge as it was never necessary. My ski buying was try some demos, all mountain, give them a thorough go  then look for a good deal and keep them for a while. Never had a problem and always ended up with something that kept me very happy. On a good year I'm not skiing much more than 20X so the skis last quite a while. Definitely appreciate your input though. Helps narrow my search. Cheers!

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If you are doing an Internet purchase, pay close attention to the radius of the ski.  The names and top sheets often look a lot alike between FIS approved and masters/cheater skis.  It's hard to find smoking deals on a cheater, but you can find two or three year old FIS skis for really low prices simply because there is little practical use for them outside of FIS competition.

You really will be best served by asking the guys in the top half of the competition scale what they are on and the radius of the skis.  Also keep in mind that the absolute fastest guys have been building skills for years and can typically run a longer radius ski.  Beginner and intermediate racers typically advance quicker on a more forgiving, shorter radius ski than an old 27M or 30M FIS ski. 

Jr. GS and womens skis in the 21M to 23M radius range in lengths of 175 to 183 are also good options, they will have ample grip but typically won't initiate as quickly as a cheater.


FWIW, I ski these in a 182 and can score pretty well in NASTAR but they are a little stiff for the tighter course sets.




I also have fun on some Jr GS atomics in 176 and can ski just about as well on them.  Still getting the hang of my Rossi 23M boards.

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There is one being offered for a great price reportedly used one season 10 times.   He says its a world cup 9 GS, 174 cms, radius 18 meters. I'm pretty sure this is what he's talking about..http://www.yellowgentian.com/ski-reviews/piste/rossignol-radical-9gs-ti-tpx . . Unfortunately the pic is from far away he's selling quite a few skis. The longest ones he's got for sale are this one plus a Volkl race tiger GS which I can pick out. The paint one the one I presume him to be talking about unfortunately looks like one https://www.ski-depot.com/products/2013/rossignol-radical-wc-gs-master-race-skis-2013 which has a slightly different name but exact same specs. In my own meagre developing knowledge, and please correct me if I'm wrong, this is an evolution of a product. They might actually be the same ski just renamed and repainted to improve sales. Not having discussed this with a Rossi  rep, the way I see it is that this ski has evolved from the world Cup 9GS (1st link), to the Radical World Cup Masters GS (2nd link) to the newer Hero Masters GS ski that I think hit the market in 2014.


In regards to what the guys in the group are using my sense is from what I recall from discussions between guys a lot are using what they call "cheater" GS skis of various brands. I'm not 100% sure about the use of this term but I think roughly it means non-FIS.  I think this Rossi model is one. The race Tiger is 175 with a reported radius > 21. Its a bit cheaper with the same described limited use and age.


I started skiing when I was 4. Have had many breaks in continuity, and have only peripherally paid attention to specs and gear. Like I said I've never gone beyond looking for a good all mountain ski but always like to make an informed decision. I just really want a suitable ski for my level and am not looking for upper level demanding skis. If I stick with this then I might get there and upgrade but at this point its not necessary.


Thanks for your input trailtrimmer.

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