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Binding help: rossignol xelium

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I was looking at the bindings on my daughters skis, and noticed the forward pressure indicator looks not quite lined up on one ski. I'm not sure if this is a big deal, or is within range.


The bindings are xelium saphir 110


The pic below shows the yellow tab sticking out a little further than the hash mark, maybe 1 mm



The pic below shows the the other ski, which looks like it lines up well


So what do you all think, is this ok, or should they go back to the shop?



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It is supposed to be in the middle to forward half of middle, so thrust may be a bit low, but if you notch it forward it may be too high. I wouldnt worry about it as its very close. Was the binding tested when it was mounted?
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Thanks for the response. I believe it was tested, but I would have to dig up the paperwork. 


I just decided to check my old skis with axial bindings. I think the scale on those are much easier to read. Anyways, those showed barely any forward pressure. I don't think I've had them adjusted for at least 5 years. Makes me wonder if they were always like that, or maybe they slipped over time.

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