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MA video from early or end of day?

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I took some video last weekend to see how I was doing this season, we did not get around to do it until the last few runs, by which time my legs were sore and back hurts. To my horror my skiing looks absolutely dreadful, and must have regressed by two or three seasons.

So this lead me to think, is it better to do MA videos when it's early and legs are still fresh and have good reaction time etc., or late in the day (can't do both)? I would think the former would let me see how I'm doing on the things I'm working on, but the latter would completely expose any deficiencies that can be masked when I concentrate but not correctly ingrained.

What do you think?
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If I'm pushing my technique and movement range of motion or if I'm filming to get nice looking skiing, I do it early. If I'm filming easier skiing looking for specific movements, or filming drills I'll do it later. The later skiing rarely ever makes its way to public consumption... Except for the drill videos--those make it on occasion.

When coaching skiers I usually try to shoot before and after skiing... So if you're working on something, video before and after, to identify the differences. This probably won't affect performance because in drill scenarios we usually are far from skiing 100%.
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When running gates the second run is usually the fastest.


I think its best to take early video, you want to correct technical problems, not concentration/physique problems. If you want to expose deficiencies there are other ways like e.g. terrain choices.

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In the morning you might not be warmed up. Pushing yourself too hard when you are cold can have its risks. But there are many things to consider. Freshly groomed crowd less slopes in the morning are great for carving but taking video always takes away time from skiing.

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A side note. Usually I quit when my legs get tired. But somedays I keep skiing and work on technique/effective movements to surpass fatigue.
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It's been my observation when doing video of others that it makes no difference whether they think their turns were good or bad. The fundamental movements being used for turns are usually the same unless there has been a focused effort on changing technique.

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I say don't wait until you're tired and compensating for fatigue when you video.  Any time before that shouldn't matter unless the snow is so chewed up that again you're compensating. 

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