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Hello All :-)

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I'm in need of some advice, mother nature gave me small feet & wide feet... I'm in need of a boot that is 24.5 with at least 106 in width, with a flex 120 to 130. My question is can any boot be molded to the width that I need? 


Thank You, 

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Welcome to Epic.  Width is not a big deal, any good bootfitter can get you the width you need.  The length is another story because not all companies appear to make men's boots in a 24.5.  Lange has the SX120 which is built on a 102mm last, but will only be 98mm at your size.  Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and check the "Who's Who" for a bootfitter near you.  If there isn't one listed, tell us where you live and someone will be able to recommend a fitter.  A good bootfitter is what you need, not just someone who sells boots and knows nothing about how to fit and modify a boot.

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Thank you so much for response, I will be actually going to a fitter tomorrow and see if they can help out. Right now I Rosi boots 80 flex and it's just not doing it for my skiing style...

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