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Hey people, While I was out getting a little cardio a day after thanksgiving. I planted my left foot then I experience a feeling similar to hyper extension of the knee. I got up and I walked off the field. I knew something was wrong, however I was in complete denial considering I had Instructor Self Defense training the following week as well as a new born the week after, then a birthday the week after that. THen Christmas following that. WHile walking off the field struck up a conversation with a person then next thing I knew, I went down flat on my face. I sat there looking at my knee although I didn't feel pain it just would not respond to the movements my brain was sending it. I went to the emergency room that night. Worrying about what was I going to tell my 8mnth preggo. Considering my work check feeds all of us I cant really afford to be hurt working at a Federal Pen. I went in, the doc did an xray on my knee. I was told I had a small fracture. However they had no MRI techs at work that day. I figured if it was only a patella fracture I could just hobble around and my wife would never have to find out. I went home and I was in some pain. I eventually told her what happened and of course she freaked. I somehow convinced her I could still go to training and I wanted to. She was not having it at first however I was able to convince her I could handle it. I was still able to walk and stand on it with no pain or little discomfort. I felt the greatest pain only when I tried to bend it to far. I went to training, told the instructor I tweaked my knee and she was ok with it, she told me to check with the trainer before class. I went to the trainer and he asked me to extend my knee. Once I told him I couldn't, he freaked. He told me I had no tendon attaching my quad and required an immediate MRI. However, me, being stubborn and arrogant asshole I convinced him I would once I completed training. That day I attended training all the instructors were watching me as I performed contemplating on rather to send me home or not. I put on a show as if I was able to perform but ended up falling down and I felt a different pain or feeling I had never felt. I got up and completed the training. Once I was back in my room I notice I was bleeding inside my leg. I believe that was the day I tore it completely. Once I returned home I scheduled a apt with a doc, he then referred me to a specialist. Took me a week to get the MRI and my insurance on the same page. I was notified  Dec 22, 2015 I had a complete rupture of my quad tendon. On Dec 29 I had my surgery. Three days after that I was able to walk with the immobilizer and I returned back to work (Light Duty style). January 12th I began Rehabilitation. The goal was to reach a 90 degree bend of my knee. By Jan 18th I no longer required my crutches. As of January 22 I am able to perform a 90 degree flexion of my knee. Jan 25 we begin working on extension. I am no long wearing the immobilizer. My question: Is this normal or am I moving to fast. My doc told me 4 to 6 months, full recovery but I feel good. My next dr. appt. is Feb 11th so I have not seen nor spoke with him since Jan 11th. Am I moving to fast, pushing to hard or am I on schedule? I am 28 years old, prior to my injury I worked out 3-4 days of the week. I played football, MMA, and participate in crossfit type workouts. So again I ask, am I pushing, moving to quick or recovery just depends on each individual? Don't ever want to repeat this ordeal.