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Atomic Vantage 100 CTI 188cm 6'6" 230lbs

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I am 6'6", 230 lbs, age 40 and skied a lot of years.  Skiing style very aggressive when injuries allow. Previous dislocated and snapped off left hip still on natural arthritic bone, left frozen knee, left torn shoulder and some back issues.  Entire left side body shot and stiff at times.  When injuries warm and up and and start functioning sporadically I can still ski pretty well and aggressive again. I have good days and bad days on skis.  The more I ski aggressive I have noticed tons of increased inflammation starts to set in quickly in bad hip and and knee which is not good since I really like to ski a lot.   


I picked up a barely used 188cm Atomic Vantage 100 CTI for a really give away price I could not walk away from.  I was aiming slightly more for the Motive 95ti but 100CTI was also on my radar being light weight and with its big wide shovel to see how I would ski on lighter ski with my injuries. 


Pros: Fun, stable, snappy, agile, versatile, playful, low swing weight, very light, easy and extremely quick to edge.  Rocker tips and tails I don't notice any vague or disconnect feelings, Big tip easy to engage and it engages quick.  I don't notice the tip taper at all.  Can pressure the ski well and not fold.  Ski gets very serious and aggressive when pressuring the front of ski and takes off like a bat out of hell on good conditions.  Carves amazing like on auto pilot so smooth and transitions really nice.  The more aggressive I got on the ski the bigger my smile got. If I wanted to go slow and goof off on small lips to play and catch small air on it was fun and easy.  Ski likes being in air and easy to position with low swing weight exactly where needs to be.  Very forgiving ski.  I didn't want to get off this ski at times and just kept smiling.  Turns short, medium and large all really good.  Could easily put intermediate on this ski up through advance.  I have a feeling a lighter weight skier to someone my size able to probably ski this ski well.  Tolerates lots of styles.  I have not skied it in trees yet but I think it would be really quick and good with its low swing weight, taper, small rocker tip and tail.  I am pissed I did not drive out of state this weekend to catch the storm on Saturday that dumped a lot of snow I really wanted to test 100 CTI out in some fresh and have a feeling it will be really good.  I have been feeling a little under the weather and took nasty fall on bad hip few days ago but still should have sucked it up for that big eastern fresh dump and skied sick and sore which I usually do but oh well.               


Cons: Light weight can get bounced off crud and feel like going to fly off trail coming over rollers if I am not paying attention since feels light as a feather need to keep some pressure on them.  Ice gets lots of carbonish feeling on real eastern pack conditions.  Ice make sure to get aggressive quickly and put some shin pressure on boot and ski but ski does seem to grip when start pressuring.  Skis short so size up!!!  Not sure 100 CTI ski would be my first pick on really bad conditions but I could still get around on this ski but probably have to take more careful approach.         


Overall my injuries love the low weight and low swing weight of Vantage 100 CTI ski even on bad skiing joint day.  It does not bother me to ride lifts since ski weight so low.  Big tip easy to initiate with injury.  Very low swing weight easy for me to correct in air with injury.  My height its nice to be back on a 188cm ski.  Size up on this ski its very easy and light weight and not at all demanding but very capable of being serious in dam good way.  Ski rocks my world when conditions good!!!  I could see experiencing chatter with lot of ice or ultra hard conditions at high speeds on this ski with all its carbon light weight.  I have not experienced any chatter yet and did not care for carbonish feeling on icy pack conditions and switched out to Salomon X-Drive 8.8 for those conditions. The 100 CTI appears to have more grip on the really hard pack than I thought it would have maybe its just the feeling I am not used to on ice since its not a damp ski at all.  I also have previous Nordica Enforcer in 185cm with lightning bolt graphics and tip rocker.  The Enforcer really good ski but the weight riding up lifts is killing my bad side not in good way.  The Enforcer has awesome flex pattern, great on ice, packed or nasty mixed conditions.  Enforcer much more bulldozer tank through crud and wanting to stay glued to ground over rollers.  Enforcer good in trees as long as its got some fresh snow with its fat square tail.  100 CTI tail is way more versatile than Enforcer fat square tail.  I do notice Enforcer vague rockered tip on packed conditions when upright compared to 100 CTI.  I wished Atomic made the 100 CTI  in two versions light weight and middle weight ski or touch more dampness and this could be a really awesome ski. The other ski I was thinking about was Fischer Motive 95ti which may be a good middle weight ski and handle ice or ultra hard pack conditions maybe a little better and it could be touch more damp than 100 CTI but not sure.  It could be I just need to get used to the feeling of the 100 CTI in those hard eastern conditions because the GRIP felt like it was there!  Its nice at my height to have 188cm length for playing around in small air with longer touch down length for landing.  I can ski longer on lighter skis where as heavier Enforcer finishes my joint off earlier I have noticed.  There are always going to be Pro's and Con's to ski weight and both are good to have in different conditions.  I see a plus side to middle weight skis trying to keep qualities of both skis kind of like mountain bikes doing 650b 27.5 trying to get both qualities of 26 and 29er.                          

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Kind of surprised there isn't more about this ski on here???  I have been shopping for a 98-102 waist ski for awhile and have pretty much settled on the Vantage 100 cti as the mid ski in my quiver.  I love my Auto's, so I am buying this non demoed.  Just found them for $363 out the door.  I will report back at months end after I get a few days on them.

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I was going to part with this ski but think I will hold on to it for now.  100cti transitions from turn to turn so amazing and quick.  On good conditions this ski is addictive.  I am getting used to the carbonish feeling on really nasty eastern hard pack.  Ski would be better in western conditions vs eastern but it is such a good ride.  100cti is my favorite carving ski I reached for it over my Nordica 80 pro's even on packed conditions.  It needs a little shin pressure that seems to be the magic to getting the most out of this ski.  The enforcer lightning bolt graphic is just too much weight for my bad hip and I ski really well and aggressive on the 100cti so I think I will keep them. 

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Out West, this is a ski I really like.  It has better float than the other skis of this width I tried, and very good edge and carve.   To me it skis a lot like the older Ritual 103, which I own and love.  The Ritual floats in powder like a wider ski, really fun, and I've heard the Vantage 100 does too.  I demoed the Vantage on an old snow day, soft snow day compared to back East.  And it rails on Western groomers, especially for a ski of its width.  


It's very fun in soft bumps too.   

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Well, a day later got the dreaded "out of stock" email, so the hunt continues.  If you see a pair of 180's at a decent price, let me know.

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@liv2ski, this might not be so bad.  I also own and enjoy the Auto 116 (from a few years back), and find a lot of overlap with my Rituals 103 (as there would be with the Vantage 100 cti, in my experience, here in the Rockies).   Adjusted to the best mount point(s), the Auto 116/117 carves groomers so well and does soft bumps so well, strengths that are similar to the Rituals/Vantage 100 cti.   And both have very good powder float and feel - but edge here to the Autos.  The Auto 116 has a bit more stability at speed in powder and chop than the Ritual - and Vantage 100, I'd guess (though about equal in chop).  The Vantage 100 would be lighter, and require less leg conditioning a bit, but it probably is about as quick as the big Auto (in the right Auto mount position).


Take what I say with a grain of salt, since I am a light weight skier (150 lbs, 5'10").  For example, there may be more of a float difference between the two skis for you than there is for me.  


Also, you probably have a quiver to cover other conditions, especially frontside and packed bumps.  Me too. I have the Atomic Crimson ti 178, and other skis, for frontside and hardpacked conditions, and the Crimsons complement both above skis rather than overlapping them.  The only overlap is the Crimsons handle crud and a few inches well (though I'd rather be on the Rituals or Autos once there's soft snow to enjoy over that).  For me, the Rituals are actually a bit better in bumps than the Crimsons, as long as things are soft and fresh.  But the performance and feel of a narrower ski on groomers and hardpack off piste is distinctly different, better,  than an ~100 cm can be, seems like.  


The current Vantage 90 cti, by contrast, has much less overlap.  

But you'd have to demo to see if you like it, since it seems to be a more controversial ski. And the longest version seems to only be 184, perhaps too short for you (and maybe not stiff enough either, though it seems similar to the 100 cti in stiffness).  I liked it better than the Crimsons for most things, except I was between sizes, 184/176: I'd have gone with the 176, reluctantly.  

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Ski Otter, we are really "different" sized guys and ya, I have a quiver for that reason.  These days I am 210 dripping wet, so my 193 Autos are mounted towards the back end of the recommended mount range for powder.  Also, a 193 ski isn't what I need/want for steep, technical lines.  I have some 185 Vagabonds that I am  going to sell, just because the Autos are so much better in powder and I am certain the 180 Vantage will smoke the Vagabonds for the conditions I am thinking of.  For front side conditions I have some Elan Amphibio 88xti's that I am a YUGE fanboy of, but I want them on steroids for an All Mtn, off piste ski.  I am hoping that is the Vantage 100 cti. We will see between March 26th and April 1st when I have them in Tahoe for a week.  I will report back in once home.

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Had a chance to pop the skis out of the box today and compare them to the 185 Movement Source skis they are replacing.  Appears to be a good call on the 180 length, as looking at them side by side,the Vantage looks like it will ski about and inch, maybe 1.5 inches shorter than the Source, which means I should be able to rip on them.  Matching the two skis up base to base, the Vantage is almost exactly the same outline as the Source, just a tad wider. I think they will ski just as expected.  Anyone want to buy some 185 Vagabonds;)

Pretty stiff hand flex out of the box is good, as I am a heavy guy and can definitely bend a ski.  Looking like my research was well done.  Now to mount them up and ski them next week:D




Mounted up and ready to rock Tahoe next week:D



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Even in 188cm they can rip some really tight short turns and engage really fast without delay for a rocker tip with taper.  Just add some shin pressure for some aggressive carving on these.   

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