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Great ski day yesterday at Nubs.
Sun, 25 degrees, no wind and snow like chalk.
Now that I'm 70, I'm in a new age class for NASTAR racing.
Hope springs eternal, so I got some skis.
Dug out the old speed suit and gave it a go....
I have not skied a course for four years and took it real easy.
Didn't even get close to the gates and my lines were horrible.
Very rusty.
Best was a 19 handicap.
As near as I can tell that was the best NASTAR run in the 70-75 class yesterday in the USA yesterday.
My head didn't swell much though, I got beat by two ten year olds on a very tight course.
I credit the skis.
These things are incredible and I have a lot to learn before I own them.


I keep saying NASTAR even though the timing was with Race the Gates software.

Same hill, same course, same pacesetters using their last years NASTAR handicaps.

The software worked fine and I got a Platinum medal for my double Black Diamond runs.

I'm actually in different age groups...NASTAR 70-75 and RTG 66-71.

RTG probably offset things by a year for legal reasons.

How the RTG v. NASTAR competition will work out is in the balance.

RTG need to expand their product line to include national rankings and some regional if not national level races.

And NASTAR needs a timing product that works since it has everything else.



Tuned 0.5/3.0 with a very light diagonal stripe and hydrocarbon wax.

Mine are mounted with the Axial 3 bindings on risers and not the Rockerflex plate setup.

I wanted the skis to be as soft as possible and I think the Rockerflex setup is a bit wobbly.


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