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Salomon X-Drive 8.8 184cm 6'6" 230lbs

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I am 6'6" around 230lbs age 40.  I have skied way too many years and torn to hell but can still crank it up fairly aggressive at times.


I have had about 5 days on Salomon X-Drive 8.8 in 184cm.


Pros: Stability and could handle a guy much bigger than myself and still not flinch probably at insane speeds. Mixed conditions ski is game for most eastern conditions.  Edge grip ski doesn't waver when set on edge and very trust worthy in bad conditions.  X-Drive 8.8 is hard not to bring it along not knowing what conditions may be on east coast.  Very confidence inspiring ski and trustworthy at speed.  When in doubt about conditions it is a safe bet to always bring this ski.  Blisters review appears to be spot on this ski.  Ski feels like middle weight and swing weight not bad with honeycomb tip.  Middle weight skis work well with my injury and do not bother me riding up lifts so weight of this ski works well with me.  The waist 88mm hits a nice spot for eastern mixed conditions.  Hand flexing ski is extremely stiff but doesn't ski as mean as its hand flex which is good.  Open fast terrain this ski will not fold up and can be pushed really hard and performs best when being pushed harder.  Small tip and tail rocker not crazy and right amount for ski of this width.  Can pick this ski up cheap for leftover previous year.          


Cons: Low speed feels dull and much more work with my injuries. Stiff tips and tails don't absorb terrain well.  I think they could have kept this ski stiff but added just a touch more tip and tail flex to make it a really good ski to add more versatility. Need to be heavier or advance intermediate skier to get the most out of this ski.  Performs best when on edge.  Not playful.  Rebound there but have to really work it and feels delayed some.  Feels like I have to really toss some weight into ski to get some snap back in return or flying at really fast speeds.  I have not skied it in trees yet but it is stiff and does not seem to absorb well at lower speeds it could be some work in tight eastern trees.  Insanely crowded trails  with lots of newbies or out of control skiers at low speeds are some work on X-Drive 8.8 and feels like it needs to run and performs best aggressively.      


Overall Salomon X-Drive 8.8  handles my size really well easily but I feel with injury I could use a slightly softer tip for initiation from previous broken hip since I am still on natural arthritic bone.  If it is freezing rain and temps drop for some nasty firm conditions its hard not to reach for this ski.  Other skis I was considering in this general width area Motive 86ti, Motive 95ti, Elan 88xti, Monster 88 but I have not skied any of them.  I think Elan 88xti with larger tip which may help with initiation for my injury and I am guessing slightly softer tip pattern would work well but not sure what it gives up in grip or stability.  Motive 95ti has also been high on my radar with all its positive reviews.     

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Thanks, good review!

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Have been skiing X Drive 8.8 179 this season and can't be happier with them at mixed conditions. Really stable ski.

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I'm 6'6" and 225 lb, and did not like the X Drive when I demoed it a few years ago. I really enjoy my Elan 88 XTi in 186 cm, but they also can be a little dull at slow speeds due to their stiffness. Very stable at higher speeds on steeper slopes. I also liked the Motives.
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Salomon X Drive 8.8 is not the easiest ski from my prospective, you have to be on to make it shy. 

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They sound a lot like Brahmas.  Super fun and stable but need to run and need some extra muscle to bend them.

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