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Mt Rose is For Sale!!

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Yikes, thinking this may end up in Vail's hands


The next chapter in the exciting future of Mt Rose is about to unfold. After 45 years of being in the snow business in Northern Nevada, Fritz Buser who has been majority owner of Mt. Rose-Ski Tahoe since 1971, is looking to sell the resort.

The timing for this decision was strategically chosen. The basics are that Fritz is a healthy 95 years young and is ready to hang up his skis and retire. From a business perspective, the timing is right with the 2014-15 season proving highly successful despite enduring the leanest snow season in the history of the mountain. In addition, the 2015-16 winter is currently on track to be one of the strongest in the last 10 years and prove exactly what the resort is capable of achieving in a typical or above average snow year.

In the unique history of this North Lake Tahoe ski area, Fritz Buser has played a key role. While promoting Henke ski boots at ski shows around the country in the 1950’s and 60’s, Fritz met the founders of Mt. Rose and subsequently became an early investor in the mountain. Eventually becoming the company’s majority shareholder in 1971, Mr. Buser has controlled the growth and direction of Mt. Rose ever since. Thanks to his long-lasting commitment to resort upgrades and improvements, Rose has continued to evolve into a great and very successful ski resort. In the last 15 years alone, the mountain has seen the completion of many large scale projects including; installation of 2 high speed six-passenger lifts, extensive snowmaking infrastructure, parking expansions, terrain expansion to include the Chutes, several renovations to the main lodge and the construction of the Winters Creek Lodge.

The process of looking for a buyer who will take Mt. Rose into the future is expected to take some time. In the meantime, it will be “business as usual” as skiing and snowboarding operations will continue uninterrupted.  Future projects are still in the works including the goal of expanding into the Atoma terrain
across the highway.

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I'm not too well versed in Tahoe resort ownership, but I don't know if Vail would be all that bad for Rose. Prices would probably go up, but Vail would probably get all the current proposed improvements done, especially the property on the other side of the highway being developed into more ski terrain. Then again, I could also see some Reno local picking it up (or at least a controlling share) and leaving it exactly as it is, which would be pretty great too.

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Does Phil know about this? He lives next door now. Mt. Pugski!
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I doubt Vail would do any significant investment. Look at Kirkwood, Vail hasn't done any improvements, not even paving Red Cliffs parking, let alone lift upgrades.


Even though it would save me $450 a year in pass cost for the one, I would rather not have the extra traffic and exposure, not to mention the near monopoly in Tahoe resorts.

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The follow up article in the Reno Gazette from Feb 2016 is an analysis of how much money it might take for majority owner Fritz Buser, and his son, Kurt Buser, to decide to sell.  Kurt is president of Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe.  One industry watcher thinks it's unlikely Vail would be interested in another north Tahoe ski area.


I hope the Buser family is checking out the market, but that in the end decides to keep it.

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