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Wider Daily Drivers for a big guy in CO/UT

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As the thread title says, I am looking for a wider daily driver for CO and UT conditions (mostly UT). I am 6'2", 220, athletic, and a decent skier. I grew up at Snowbasin and Snowbird, and like to mix it up between groomers and steeps. Not very good at bumps but I always give them a try when I get the chance. Technique is ok, and there are very few in-bounds runs I cannot make it down.

I missed out on the shaped ski revolution due to commitments in the late 90's, early 00's and did not enjoy the two rocker/camber/rocker skis I tried.

I am on a budget, and do not mind buying last year's (or 2 years) gear. Skis I've tried include:

K2 Extreme (179 cm twin tips) ... These are what I use on a regular basis in CO skiing with my family. They are very fun and playful, lack grip at the limit, and all in all have been a great ski to play around on the mountain and chase my kids around. They would not be my preference at Snowbird but they would at least get the job done. I have Head Railflex bindings and leave them in the recommended all mountain mounting point. Being K2's, they measure longer than other skis in similar lengths, but deep down I wish I had the 184's.

Head Monster iM77 (177 cm) ... Outstanding groomer and bump ski. They are my brothers and I'll use them occasionally when the conditions are firm. To me, they really rip the groomers but I wish they were longer.

Elan Spectrum 105 (187 cm) ... I really like these skis in all conditions with two exceptions. 1) they are a little chattery on the hardpack at speed and 2) they seem a little soft in the tail. These were the non-ALU version, so I wonder if the ALU version would suit me better at my size.

Rossi Experience 98 (188 cm) ... I tried these a year to two ago at Alta/Bird and really enjoyed them. Handled the groomers well and seemed very capable in the mixed and variable chutes and off piste runs.

Rossi Sin 7 (188? Cm) ... Used on the same trip as the Experience. Much preferred the Experience.

Salomon BBR (the blue ones 186 cm) ... Again, another pair of my brother's skis that I tried this week. Did not like how they performed when running straight, but once I found the sweet spot they were not terrible. Used them at Deer Valley yesterday and they handled everything off Empire without any issues. However, I would have preferred my Extremes, the Elans, or the Rossi Experiences.

I "think" I prefer a ski with traditional camber or at most an early rise, wood core, a sheet of metal, and 185-190 cm in length. I would like something in the 100 +/- cm range for the days I am not chasing my kids and am skiing with friends. I would like something with good performance on the groomers but with a bias towards soft snow and off piste. I will most likely put some Head GTO 15 bindings on whatever I get.

There are some decent deals out there on several models, including ...

K2 Annex 98 (184 cm)
Elan Spectrum 105 ALU (187 cm)
Head Rev 105 (181 cm, the 191 are a bit more than I'd like to spend)
KS Shrederator 107 (184 cm)
Salomon BBR 10.0 (184 cm)

Based on the above, any thoughts on the 5 skis listed? All are in the $300 range and all seem to be in the mix of what has worked in the past.

Thanks in advance for any input.

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Another option just popped up, the Elan Domino (2015 version) in a 188 length. Seems like a bigger Extreme.

Thanks for any input.

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I don't have any experience with any of the skis on your list. Sorry.  I am a little bigger than you and I enjoy my Ski Logik Ullr's Charriot skis. They would make a good wide daily driver for you. They are 101mm wide and come in 188mm length. They are good at everything. They have a rocker version and a TT version. I ski the TT version on the East Coast

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