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First, I'm definitely NOT looking for bragging rights or other folks' maximum.

But I usually ski alone and don't have a lot of buddies to compare/contrast with. In the interests of kinda figuring out my own skiing, I'm curious about how much vertical people consider "normal". I usually ski about 20,000 in a day....but it's a lot easier here in the east when most days are limited to groomers and there are high-speed quads that run to the top.  And, as I mentioned, I ski alone, so little/no time spent organizing a group.  On my most recent trip to Utah last week, I was averaging about 18,000 according to my new SkiTracks app.  My instructor son-in-law seemed to think those were strong, big days.  I thought he was buttering me up...but then I have read in other trip reports about folks doing about 8-11K vert a day.  


So...any thoughts on a range of vert for "normal" (15-20 days/year) low-expert skiers?

I typically just ski 2 hours on any given day (AltaBird pass, so no pressure).  8-11k would be pretty a pretty average session on harder terrain.  Lots of people here doing the same thing.  A full day with a lot of time carving groomers would be 3x that on weekdays (no lift lines).