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Kicker Skis did some schedule shuffling so they could bring a Demo Day to the Blue Knob Ski Resort in PA and time it with the EpicSki Mid-Atlantic Gathering. 


Looks to be some good buzz about their skis and it'll definitely be fun swapping in and out, back-to-back, their all-mountain, carver, twin-tip, and park & pipe models.  Check out their website. 


In any case, they'll be there both Saturday and Sunday, February 20th and 21st. 


You can find out more about the Mid-Atlantic Gathering in its dedicated thread at, or PM me or marznc for details.  If you're in the Mid-Atlantic region and have never skied Blue Knob, kill two birds with one stone and try to come.  It's got a certain inimitable charm to it, and with the turn-out continuing to grow, we can all enjoy some downhill assaults together.