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Salomom X Drive 88 vs Dynastar Powertrack 89

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Hi, my son is 17 years old and 5’11” 175lbs. He raced until lats year, on FIS regulation GS and SL so he’s used to pretty stiff skis ans he’s an aggressive skier. He now longer races and we’re looking for an all-mountain frontside ski. He skis probably 10 days out west and 10 in the east(we live on the east coast). I don’t think we’ll get a chance to demo the Salomons. I can get the X drive 88’s for $420 but only in the 184 length(172 also available but too short).

I also can get the Dynastar Powertrack 89 in 179 length for a great price. I know it shouldn’t just be about the price but these two skis iIcan get for about $250-$300 less than their regular price.


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I've skied both and they are very different skis and in that width, I wouldn't get either one. I'd get the Head Monster 88 in a 184.
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As @mtcyclist said: two very different skis. If he comes from stiff race skis and that's the feel he wants, the Salomon or the Blizzard Brahma come nearest that particular feel. The Fischer Motive 86 Ti also has a great GS-feel to it, but is a bit smoother and friendlier. The Dynastar will be to soft for him I think (it has the grip, but not the pop).

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Guys, thanks and I should add the he skied the powertrack 84 in Vail Over xmas and had a blast on it. He seems to be more into bumps and trees these days when they are available.  

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I would suggest the Powertrack since it will ski different than his race skis, and softer for off piste skiing. Blister Reviews did write ups and comparisons on those skis and pretty well covered the differences. Salomon most race ski like, Dynastar most off piste like, Brahma somewhere inbetween, but closer to the Slaomon. That is my take on the skis, but I have only skied the Brahma, which I liked a lot. If you look at the Brahma, get the 180 cm lenth, your son is too small for the 187 cm ski.

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Thanks everyone

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Originally Posted by mtcyclist View Post

I've skied both and they are very different skis and in that width, I wouldn't get either one. I'd get the Head Monster 88 in a 184.

Not to hi-jack (ok, maybe a little!), but I was wondering if you could expand on the above comment.  I'm sure it will help the OP's son as well as me.  I'm having trouble deciding between the Salomon 8.8, Elan Amphibio 88 XTI and Dynastar PT 89.  I'm 46 years old, 195 pounds, advanced, ski all terrain on a fairly mellow mountain and enjoy all ski conditions.  Currently I'm on the Line SN 100 but want something that is going to zoom the groomers.  If you could provide a bit on the differences and also how they compare to the Head Monster 88, I would appreciate it.

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The Salomon X-drive is a fairly stiff ski and somewhat demanding and has a definite hard snow bias.  The Powertrack is softer and is more soft snow biased.  Based on the OP's initial post it didn't sound to me like his son would enjoy either one.  The Monster 88 is a slightly hard snow biased all mountain ski, not as demanding as the Salomon but not as soft was the Powertrack.  It was only later the OP stated his son really liked the Powertrack 84.  It is possible that he just liked the fact that it is a relatively soft  and non-demanding ski.  Of the three skis you mention I would take  the Elan over the others any day.  I think it's a better all-rounder than the other two.  The only Line ski I've ever been on was the Prophet 90 several years ago and I thought someone strapped 2x4's to my feet.  I would have to go ski the Elan and Head skis again before I could choose between them, but as I recall the Monster is a bit more damp the Elan.


FWIW, I'm 5'7", 150 pounds, advanced, bordering on expert I guess, ski all the mountain but prefer off-piste, 71 years old.  My reference ski for groomers is the Nordica Fire Arrow 84EDT, for soft snow its the Nordica Soul Rider and my powder ski is the ON3P Billy Goat.  

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Thanks, man!

I have to say that I am a bit surprised to hear that the Monster 88 isn't as demanding as the X-Drive 8.8.  Interesting!  Hand flexing that Salomon sure took some doing though; what a stiff ski.  From all the reviews I've read it seems like the Elan is precise, yet can also be easily coaxed into different turn shapes at different speeds, which sounds appealing.

My Lines are a bit planky, but overall I like them, especially in challenging conditions, due to their dampness.

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Shawn, at your weight the Salomon will be just right if you want a piste bomber that works good off piste too (this is hearsay as I haven't really skied it off piste yet, only a few runs in boot high which was great). No problem to push it into different turn shapes, but it excells in highish speed on the edges. It doesn't ski as stiff as you might think when hand flexing and it kills in crud. It is very damp, yet it's much livlier than my old Powerline Tornado Ti:s (much lighter too). I can understand that if you're a light weight or prefer to finesse or take is easy, there are probably better choices in the 85-90 All Mountain category.
I ski it in 179 and I'm 86 kgs and 173 cm tall -- 190 lbs 5 ft 9".

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I recently purchased the Dynastar PowerTrack89 and love them.  I am a part time instructor in Colorado and wanted a ski I could teach on, but also use as my everyday ski.  The PowerTrack89 has filled my needs.  I ended up buying the PowerTrack 89 in the 172 length.  If I was not using them to teach on I would have bought the 179.  These skis replaced my Dynastar Sultan 85 which I loved.


The PowerTrack89 have proven to be a versatile ski for me.  They hold well and handle speed well on the groomers.  They are also fun in the crude, bumps and steeps for me.  I am small at 5'7" and about 160 lbs.  I like a ski that preforms well, but also allows me to take a run of two "off" (meaning I can be lazy just cruising at a moderate pace without having to worry about the ski putting me down for being lazy and not driving the ski hard all the time).

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Is this Salomon the follow up/similar to the Enduro XT 800 from a few years ago?
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It replaces the XT 800, but the FS version is much smoother and balanced than the XT800

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Originally Posted by Cheizz View Post

It replaces the XT 800, but the FS version is much smoother and balanced than the XT800

I will have to look into it.  I have the XT800, which I love.  I find it to be super versatile.  Excellent on groomers and hardpack, and surprisingly good in crud and fresh snow.  


I have the 175.  I'm 5'11" and around 180.  I'm not a terribly fast or aggressive skier and have never raced.  Mostly east coast US, but have really enjoyed it out west too.  

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Just skied the 8.8 FS back to back with Stöckli Stormrider 88:s (184) in the Dolomites. We had abot two foot of (wet) snow Sunday/monday. Lots of bumps. You had to ski the mountain aggressively, or it skied you. A friend rented a pair of Atomic GS cheaters (not knowing conditions) but changed to Stöcklis. Having the samish bsl, we took turns on my 179 FS:s and the Stöcklis. Friend is ex racer (now 45 year old dad, but in very good shape). We both liked the Salomon better for the demanding conditions. It clearly is better on hard piste too, much more stable and precise. Tolerates more speed. But also, very easy to ski. Easy to force into skidded turns. I found the Stöckli a little vague by comparison. However, had it been soft, dry snow ... I'm not sure the Salomon had been the winner for us.
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I have a set of Powertrack 89s id sell pretty cheap.......172cm

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