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Volkl Warranty Issue - Please help!

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Hi All!  I need your help.  I bought a pair of 2015 Gotamas last year.  I skied them 5 days last season and 5 thus far this season.  I was skiing them at Squaw and hit a rock.  I checked them and didn't see much damage so I skied the rest of the day.  I then checked them at the end of the day and they had fallen apart.  Cracked side wall, delaminated, edge pulled from base, etc.  Volkl is telling me that this is not covered under warranty via email with no explanation.  Can you please give me your opinion?  Any ideas on how to get this covered?? 



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Sorry, but hitting a rock is not a manufacturer's defect and not covered by warranty. It should not be covered.

If you would have not hit the rock, the ski would not have delaminated, etc.

It is your fault, not the manufacturer's, that the ski suffered damage.

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That's why Ptex sidewalls are nice.

Not a manufacturers defect.
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Rock damage is certainly not something they cover....sometimes you get lucky and the rep throws you a bone (had a friend break his V-Werks Katanas hucking a cliff....Volkl replaced them but let him know they were doing him a solid (I think they had extra inventory so why not?), but I certainly wouldn't expect it.

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^ true. I hit a rock and delaminated a voile splitboard the second time I used it, and I sent them a pic of it and they waranteed it. I was shocked.
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Someone should start a Ski Gear Insurance company to sell policies that cover damage of various types, theft, etc...  Ya sometimes a ski vendor will replace a damaged ski if it was brand new, bought at full price from a solid shop, and they have plenty of stock available to do so, replace it just out of goodwill even though it wasn't due to any defect on their part.  A 2015 ski that is clearly damage?  You can try, but don't get your hopes up.

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Bring it back to the shop you bought it from and ask them to see if the warranty mgr at Volkl will sell a 'match' ski. That's a single used ski, usually $100-150 to get you up and skiing again. There are options for helping that are not 'Free New Skis!!' when the damage is due to pilot error and not a defect. If you are reasonable and nice and ask for help instead of make demands (I am NOT saying YOU did any of this) then the warranty department will often help out... it's not like they have anything better to do with the non-damaged halves of warranty skis. Be nice, Be friendly, ASK for help- don't make demands.

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Whiteroom's suggestion has a lot of merit. The pair of skis I'm on had one ski destroyed, and, the manufacturer provided a single ski to match the original. Serial numbers will not match, but, who cares. Note: my skis are not Volkl, but, Whiteroom is associated with a Volkl shop, so, he knows Volkl.

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I know Salomon and Nordica have both done what Whiteroom suggested.
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