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Last Tuesday I was in the park hitting some medium sized jumps when I got in the backseat after a shaky takeoff and landed tails first. They slapped the ground funny, both skis came off and sent me sprawling. One ski smacked my shin and left a nice bruise. I'm not to worried about the bruise though. When I got up to collect my skis and get out of the way, I noticed my ankle just hurt. Every time I put weight on it i felt a sharp pain that wrapped around the upper part of my ankle. I didnt think much of it and tried to shake it off. I struggled down to the lift (skiing). I got on thinking the pain would subside in the rest that I would get from the long lift (chairlift) but I was wrong. I got off and my ankle started hurting again. I made my way to the bottom and went home.

As soon as I got home I got in a comfy chair, elevated it, put some frozen peas on it, an played some video games. The ankle didnt swell or show any signs of bruising that night but left me with a limp while walking.

One day later (today) I went to school and wearing some ankle supportive boots, wrapping my ankle, and taking some Motrin, I made it through the day with little pain. However, as soon as I took the boot off, I was limping again. I get the most pain anytime my foot is angled and gets weight on it, or my foot stretches upward (toes up heel down). It is still not swollen or showing signs of bruising.

The real question is, is this somthing that will subside soon enough? I was gonna go skiing again this Saturday and possibly Sunday but I don't want to make it worse even if it doesn't hurt anymore.