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Salomon X-Drive 8.8 or...

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Well, I probably don't need new skis, but then again, life is short. 

I'm looking for something that will be a bit of a change-up from my Line Supernatural 100 (186cm).  I am a very experienced skier, ski about 25 days per season, consider myself advanced, and ski all over the mountain except for moguls.  I absolutely hate moguls!  I'm 46 y/o, 6' tall and weigh 195lb.  I ski at Powder Mouintain, UT which generally is devoid any of any real expert terrain, and that is fine with me because I'm not as aggressive as I was as a younger me. 

I'm really like my SN 100, but am looking for something that has a bit more hard snow bias without losing the ability to ski off-trail in marginal conditions in the day/weeks after a storm.  The SN 100 is heavy, damp and certainly capable on the groomers but I would like a ski with maybe a bit more snap and a bit less of a turn radius (the SN 100 is 23m, I think).

I like to ski long and medium radius turns while on the groomers, ski somewhat fast but I'm never going to worry about trying to find a ski's top end, and when things get steep, I do like to skid the end of my turns to control speed.  I also enjoy just 'cruising and snoozing' when I ski with a group, if that is what the day is like.

I hand flexed the Salomons the other day and holy moly are they stiff!  Consistent in flex, but the stiffness was a bit distressing.  Given all the above tidbits about me, I am concerned about buying a ski that is going to be too much.

Thanks for any advice about these skis or others that may fit the bill.


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Supernatural 92s? Probably too much overlap with the 100s though.
Eperince 88 might be fun too.
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Yes, the 92's, I would imagine, are going to be an awful lot like my SN 100's.  I think I want something that is a bit more lively, mainly to avoid the aforementioned overlap.

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I should add the other ski I'm considering is the Elan Amphibio 88XTI. Of course I'm open to suggestions as well.
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I have the Line P98 and also the Experience 88. I got the P98 thinking i would go off-piste more this year. While I like the P98, I found myself taking out the E88 much often and enjoying it on groomers more with occasional trips off the side. It is a fun skis like clink83 said. It can do short, medium and long turns with ease and I took it up to pretty fast speed as well. Its light weight is nice and it is the skis I have with me when I'm out with the kids and just cruising, taking it easy on the slopes.

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Thanks, Dupersc!

I've been reading some review of the E88 and it sure does sound like a great carving ski that also has many different gears and radii that it is capable of.  Sounds interesting but just looking at it, it seems like those wide tips/tails would be a bit of a bear in manky conditions.  Granted, I have the SN100 for that.

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I ski the Xdrive FS 88. Have about 15 days on them now, but only on piste since we haven't had a lot of snow here. They do hand flex very stiff, but they ski softer. They are not hard to get along with at all. No problem to skid them when it gets steep. With that said, they really comes alive when carved at speed. Racey feel to them. I actually skied them in a GS course this weekend and any faults made couldn't be blamed on the ski. Great ski. Still have to try them in deeper soft snow though. I ski them in 179 and I'm 173 and weigh 86 kgs (170 lbs?).

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