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Tahoe Presidents Day Week

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Is it worth it to go to Tahoe president's day week? My sister and nephew can meet us there from the Bay area late in the week Wednesday, Thursday, Friday the 17th, 18th, and 19th, so it seems like a good year to try Tahoe.

They're beginner skiiers, though athletic enough to probably ski some easy blues after a few days. But it'll mainly about meeting up with family and experiencing Tahoe and hopefully a relaxed fun environment. But my son and I might get away for some steeper terrain.

I figured weekday would be no problem but it looks like lodging that week is all double the price (at least it is at Northstar) so I wonder if it will be too crowded.


If it's worth going, any advice on where to ski and where to stay? They're beginners so it's more about a relaxed stay, hopefully not too expensive.  We'll have a car but would prefer not to drive a lot.

Also, we have absolutely no need for night life.

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The snow has been great so far.  Haven't been many seasons like this in Tahoe recently.  If it stays good, then this would be the year to make a trip. It is true that prices are higher during holiday periods and there are more people then as well.  I have my own personal preferences on lodging (e.g. Pine Cove, Alpenrose, in South Lake) but I'm more interested in quiet and price than amenities.  South Lake will have the most options close to the hill, but will be busy.  North Lake (N*,Squaw, Alpine Meadows) can also be very busy but have less near-hill lodging, at least at any affordable price.  Early morning starts on holidays are essential; meaning you are parked, dressed, and having a relaxing cup of Joe at the resort ~8am.  By 9 am you will be walking about a mile and/or crammed like sardines in a shuttle bus.

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If Tahoe is anything like Mammoth and most other places the Tuesday after Presidents day is pretty empty and Wed/Thurs even emptier.

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A lot of the Bay Area schools have that week off, but most Southern CA schools don't, so I would expect it to be busier than Mammoth, but I can't imagine it is that bad after Monday.

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Sounds good. We were looking at getting a condo off vrbo. There seem to be quite a few affordable ones in South Tahoe near Heavenly - some along the shuttle route.

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That whole week is usually considered a holiday week with holiday pricing. It is often called "ski week" and a lot of schools are off for the whole week, so you will see a lot more kids and families than on other weekdays. However, it doesn't get crazy crowded in my experience.

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As for where to stay, I would jump on VRBO. Even if its a busy week, there will be things available on there. Decent stuff. You won't be slopeside, but few are.


As for where, places with good ski school and good beginner terrain include Northstar, Mt Rose, Sierra, Boreal, Sugar Bowl, Tahoe-Donner. 


I'd find a decent place to stay near one of those and let that determine your destination.

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We got a  place off VRBO slopeside at Tahoe Donner.  Mainly because it was as cheap as anywhere else. But if we're too lazy or snowed in to drive anywhere, we have the option to ski there and it will have enough terrain for the beginners and even intermediates to do some skiing

Both Northstar and Squaw look like short drives. I think we'll plan to ski both those areas.

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There can be a lot of traffic between Tahoe Donner and Northstar or Squaw, so you should also keep Sugar Bowl as an option if you find the Tahoe Donner resort too limiting. In good weather you can go up old 40 and in inclement weather you can use 80.

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