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Dynastar Omeglass Speed Fluid X

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I happened upon a Dynastar demo when I was at Mont Orford in eastern Canada the other day.  After being unimpressed with the softer ladies skis they threw me on I asked for something with titanium or metal and was given these skis.  Holy moly, I have never had so much fun on a pair of skis.  It was like having a roller coaster attached to my feet.  I am not normally an aggressive skier but suddenly I felt like I was driving a ferrari and had the need for speed.  I was passing people and just had a blast.  


I have obviously discovered I love a slalom ski.  I still want to demo the Rossi Hero but loved the Dynastar so much I am thinking about getting them.  


I am completely unfamiliar with these skis so I was wondering if anyone either had them, demoed them or could share any tidbits they may know about them.  


Which size.  I am 5'6" and weigh about 175 depending on the day.  I demoed the 163 but it also comes in 168.......

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I have the old Dynastar Speed SX 63 skis..basically a 63mm underfoot shaped ski.  Very stiff, all kinds of power.  I'm a big strong boy and I noticed exactly what you did..all kinds of power in them.  The harder I push on them the better the return.  They only really like being on edge, flat they are kinda squirrely.  They're definitely aimed toward one thing but they can be a lot of fun at that one thing!  :)  On hard snow, they rock.  Edge to edge just hammering they make you feel like Ted Ligety.


I should say, I don't know how they compare to other similar skis.  The Atomic slalom race-type skis are very popular and probably are superior.  Some of the race guys can tell you about that. 

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Thanks.  I am torn between the 163 and the 168.  I am right in between the 2.  I have skis that range from 161-168.


The 163 was super fun but seemed kinda short.  Not sure if that was because its a slalom ski or because the binding position was moved up higher than say on my 163 Volkl Kenja.

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Well, I can't really make a good recommendation.  I don't think the skis are identical so it's hard to say.  I'm 195lbs and I have them in a 170 length.  I mean, they work..are they the right length?  Dunno but I don't lack edge grip or stability.  I don't have enough experience I don't think.  If you are an expert and aggressive, go for the 168's I'd say. 

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For a SL ski the 163 is more than long enough, getting the 168 doesn't make much sense. If anything you could probably go shorter. For FIS racing men ride a 165, women a 155(?). SL skis aren't meant for high speeds, so going long doesn't make sense.
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Ok, thanks guys. I have other skis that are 165 and 168cm so I was just curious about the size since they did feel a tiny bit short and that's not something I've ever noted previously.  Maybe they aren't intended to go fast but I sure felt speed on them.  I found myself going faster than I'd ever skied.  It was truly a blast, just as much fun as skiing on my skis that are 168cm. 

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Thought I was set on the Dynastar Omeglass Speed Fluid X but today happened upon a demo of Atomic REDSTER XTI


164 was my sweet spot for size....................  Hybrid of a SL and GS ski and what a hoot.  It wanted to turn and was happy to turn in whatever shape I threw it in.  


So stoked on these......................


Sorry Dynastar....... I think you may have been replaced............

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