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After several years on my Rossi Voodoo I've put a lot of scratches on the bottom and have some significant peeling of the top sheets. Last year I demoing a few out west, but didn't LOVE any of the three I tried.  I really need to get a new ski. I'm 5', 120, intermediate east coast often piste but I always go off when there's enough snow.

My budget is really... budget this year and I'm looking at used demo skis on ebay and may try to remount. (built a house in a little West Virginia Ski town). I will probably buy another pair in the next year or two once my finances get back to order but until then...


My boyfriend is also looking, he has the Hart one but something more fun and snappy to chase the kids around the park (not big stuff, just little) and through some trees may be a little more fun for him. He's 5'6" 155